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Featured Digital Media Partner Program

For professional hair replacement specialists:

You will be featured on our website where we will launch a dedicated page to introduce you and your business. Our endorsement will help you attract new clients from the Superhairpieces customer base in your city who are yet to discover you!

Why join Featured Digital Media Partner program?

Attract new clients for your business

Increase potential sales

Rank higher on Google

Get an endorsement from Superhairpieces the industry-leading provider of hairpieces and extensions.

How to be eligible

If you are a professional hair replacement center or individual hair unit specialist and have regularly purchased from Superhairpieces, you need to submit or have submitted at least 10 reviews of our products with an image or video included.

You must have the most reviews within a 50-mile radius of your service center during the selection period.

to Rank higher on the featured page

Our website will rank featured salons based on how many photos or video reviews you post.

Example: If one featured salon has 40 reviews, it will rank higher on the page than another featured salon in another area which has 32 reviews.

Once you are promoted as a featured reviewer, we won’t post a new featured page of another salon within a 50-mile radius of your service center for the next 12 months.

Anytime you find you have got the most posted photo or videos in your area, please feel free to let us know.

Check for How to Write a Review (Video)

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