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Canada Warehouse 215 Trader Blvd Unit17 Mississauga ON L4Z 3K5

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" I recently ordered another hairpiece from you MS116S. It was on Jan 30, 2021. I wanted to let you know of all the hairpieces that I have purchased from you, this one was fantastic. Everything was perfect. The piece had no body wave which was exactly what I wanted. Whoever did the thin down for my piece did an excellent job and I hope that on all my future orders that she will be doing the thin down. The last order there was quite a bit of body wave which took several weeks to get out. The one that I just received I did not have to wait for the body wave to settle down. The thin down on my last piece did not even look like it was done. In closing I would like to thank you for your excellent work and hope that my future orders will be as good as this one.


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