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If you're looking for tape-in hair extensions, you've come to the right place! At Superhairpieces Canada, you are provided with supreme quality, 100% human hair extensions, which are made by Remy human hair with different colors and lengths. Superhairpieces is the No.1 hairpiece and hair extensions supplier in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), catering to salons and retail clients all across Canada. Our tape-in hair extensions best suitable for women, come in a pack of 20 pieces which is 10 sandwiches. Each pack is 50 grams. For a full installation we recommend 2 to 3 packs.

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Please note that there is a color discrepancy between our 3A/4A tape-in extensions and the color ring. The color ring matches more to our 5A/6A tape-in extensions as they are made with premium Chinese hair. The 3A/4A extensions are made with a mix of Indian/Chinese hair so the colors are a little off, notably in the blondes due to the quality of the hair. We are currently working on swatches that better match the 3A/4A quality hair colors. Keep posted on latest product updates by subscribing to Superhairpieces.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

Each installation lasts 6-8 weeks depending on the speed of the client's hair growth. You need to book your clients to do a re-taping and reinstallation service to move the tape in extension up to the root for the hair again. Depending on the quality of the hair, and the clients wearing and maintenance habits, the tape in extension can be reinstalled 3-6 times. We recommend 3 reinstallations for our 3A/4A hair extensions and 6 reinstallations for our 5A/6A hair extensions. Overall, 3A/4A tape in extensions will last 3-5 months and 5A/6A tape in extensions will last 6-10 months.

The cost of tape extensions depends on 3 factors; the length, quality, and colour. Depending on what length, quality, and colour you select, the price will change.

First, wash and dry your hair so your extensions last longer. Then part your hair at the back and apply the extension right near the scalp where your hair is parted. Take a thin portion of your hair and place it below the extension before applying another extension to sandwich it. Make sure to press the tape in extensions firmly for 10-20 seconds and then you're all set. Repeat the process for others.

Hair extensions tend to tangle so it's important to brush your hair regularly. When you take a shower, apply shampoo right at the roots of your hair extensions and work your way down. Apply conditioner, wash, and dry your hair with a towel carefully. Use a hair dryer to ensure none of your hair extensions are wet.

Tie your hair up so your extensions are in full view. Apply a non-chemical tape glue remover to the extension tape and let it seep for a bit before removing the extension. You can also apply the remover for any leftover residue on your hair. Read More

We recommend going for hair extensions that are 3'' to 4'' inches longer than your natural hair length. It is also best if your natural hair length is at least 4'' to 5'' inches long to help you conceal and blend the extensions into your hair. To learn more: Hair Extension Length Guide


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