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Clip-in hair extensions are extensions that you clip on to your scalp. They are particularly beneficial for temporary use such as special occasions such as bridal showers or simply a night out due to their ease of installation. At Superhairpieces Canada, you are provided with supreme quality, 100% human hair clip-in extensions.

We offer four different levels of hair quality that range from entry level to celebrity status. Each quality is combined with either Indian Remy hair, Chinese Remy hair, or a mix of both. There are over 15 different colors to choose from as well as different lengths. Our clip in human hair extensions for women comes in a pack of 8 pieces; 4 pieces with 3 clips, and 4 single clips. Each pack is 100 grams. For a full installation we recommend 1-2 packs (depending on the amount of volume needed).

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Please note that there is a color discrepancy between our 3A/4A extensions and the color ring. The color ring matches more to our 5A/6A extensions as they are made with premium Chinese hair. The 3A/4A extensions are made with a mix of Indian/Chinese hair so the colors are a little off, notably in the blondes due to the quality of the hair. We are currently working on swatches that better match the 3A/4A quality hair colors. Keep posted on latest product updates by subscribing to Superhairpieces.

FAQs Frequently Asked Questions

For a full head installation, we typically recommend 100g - 150g. Each pack of our clip in extensions is 100g so 1-2 packs for a full head installation should be fine.

All our hair extensions are made with real human hair. As for which hair extension you should go for, it ultimately depends on your hair and needs. If you have thin hair, you may require a different hair extension than someone who might have more thick hair. Or if you're looking for hair extensions for special occasions, a particular hair extension may suit you more than one which is for a more permanent basis. For more information, click here.

It's hard to say. It depends on the grade and how often they are worn. For someone who wears theirs every day vs. someone who only wears it occasionally, the one who wears it only occasionally will last longer.

The cost of tape extensions depends on three factors; the length, quality, and colour. Depending on what length, quality, and colour you select, the price will change.

Brush your hair first. Part your hair so that it is in line with your ears. Clip in the middle part of the hair extension onto the parting line first before clipping in the sides. Brush the hair extensions before blending it with your own hair. Read More

Brush your extensions. Then holding the wefts from the top, submerge the hair in water and apply shampoo gently. Set it aside on a towel to dry before applying conditioner and doing the same. Rinse it out and use a hair dryer to ensure it's not wet anymore.

Store your hair extensions properly when not in use. Regularly brush your extensions carefully. Don't wash the extensions too frequently but when it is washed, make sure to do it gently and not overwash otherwise it can be dry and damaged. Use shampoo and conditioner and a hair dryer after the wash to make sure it's not wet.

We recommend going for hair extensions that are 3" to 4" inches longer than your natural hair length. It is also best if your natural hair length is at least 4'' to 5'' inches long to help you conceal and blend the extensions into your hair. To learn more: Hair Extension Length Guide


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