Reviews and Testimonials

May 23rd, 2019 - Fantastic Hair!
Your hairpieces are simply fantastic, I have been wearing hair pieces since 1999 and I never come across of such a lovely custom made and ready made designs with lovely finishing and ready to wear . I guess every now and than good clients get some special discount . Rather than this you guys are simply great.  Cheers - Ahmar U
May 21st, 2019 - Excellent Prices! Excellent Hair! 
Pleasantly surprised on the quality of hair and product! I have a client who is very hard on his hair! So I'm anxious to see the results when he returns. - Jane T
May 6th, 2019 - Haircut
 I love this cut, and it arrives just as shown. I guess I like it because it is so easy to take care of. I don't know how they do it. - Don K
 April 24th, 2019 - Stock Hair Piece
Randy-George Just wanted to say 'THANKYOU' and how very very pleased i am with my first purchase ..? long may it continue . .i am amazed with the overall 'quality' of the piece M102. . .even my 'hair stylist' who fitted it was very complimentry and also said how amazed he was at the quality for the price i paid . . over the years i have paid 280-380 and even580 UK-GBP and none of them has matched or come any where near your item stock piece . . when i need another one i will definatley be back to re-order with 'superhairpieces' thanks again ! . . A.KAVANAGH.
April 9, 2019 - Shipment 
Received ahead of scheduled delivery! As usual, hairpiece was exactly as ordered...and after trim and styling looks great - Stan R


March 17th, 2019 - Repair

I had never used this service before, but highly recommend it. Other companies I used in the past did a horrible job with repairs, so I was skeptical. I am now able to have hair added to thinning units and know I will be able to wear it upon return. - Terry R

 February 18th, 2019 - Adhesives 

Dear Superhairpieces(olivia :-) Thank you for a great product and for keeping the price at one I can afford!!!!!!!!!! - Patricia G


January 11th, 2019 - Hairpiece Lace

I am quite amused with some of the other comments regarding this hairpiece. I have, unfortunately been wearing hair for over thirty years, starting out with Hair Club for Men. While I was so excited to finally have hair again, it was quite possibly the worst hairpiece I ever owned. The attachment process was brutal and the hair density was laughable. Fast forward to now and to this unit, and the difference is astonishing. To anyone who complains about the fragility of this hairpiece, the company is VERY upfront about the expected lifespan. It clearly states that it is a disposable unit. With a reasonable amount of care I have been able to get @ two months use out of them. To ANYONE who complains about the density being too light, I can only say that this is THE MOST realistic, undectable hairpiece I have EVER owned. I can also say that most likely the hairpiece that you are currently wearing is a “hair hat” and is recognizable as a toupee by EVERYONE who sees it. This is the BEST hairpiece i’ve EVER worn. You will not find a more reasonably priced, stock hairpiece. - Mark


December 14th, 2018 - Hair Systems Quality 

I'm so happy with these systems so affordable , I been wearing hair systems for years and you can get the same quality as high priced systems .What hold back a lot of people from getting a system is there to expensive , And now this company makes it affordable for people that couldn't afford them before..THANK YOU.. - Paul C


November 25th, 2018 - Mini Hair Product 

I was simply amazed at how beautiful this piece is. The hair is so bouncy and alive! I have never seen such beautiful hair. The texture and softness of the hair is amazing!!! Thank you for such a fine product. - Evelyn F


November 3rd, 2018 - Women's Hairpiece

 This is my 2nd pc that I've ordered. I absolutely love the fit, and the hair is gorgeous!!!

October 17th, 2018 - Women's Hairpiece
This is a great piece! I glue my systems for at least a week at a time and I'm not gentle with them! I shower, swim, work out, dance, etc. in this. It's a very reasonable price for good quality hair and a base that lasts! I believe I've been wearing this unit for about 4 months now and the hair only just started to get too dry (the base is still in perfect condition), so I ordered another one. In reality, I could probably get at least another month out of this piece, maybe two. It's so amazing to be able to order this stock piece and save so much time (and a little money, too)! - Lillian W
September 12th, 2018 - Multiple Hair Products
Have been wearing pieces for more than 35 years. For the price, the quality of these is excellent, easy to maintain and last longer than other products I have purchased in the past including ones that were in the $700 range. Totally satisfied and have recommended your company to other. I am aware of one person I referred having purchased more than four units during the past two years and he is 100% satisfied as well. - Lee S
August 25th, 2018 - Repair Job
It's better to let you repair rather than my girls do it . cheaper in the long run. - David H


 July 18, 2018
Hey George, this is Randy. I've been with you for about 11 or 12 years now. I've seen your company grow and evolve, and man, what a success. Thanks for everything you do George. I'll continue to buy and wouldn't consider buying for anybody else. thanks buddy
May 13 2018
I just wanted to say thank you for excellent service and quick delivery, no complaints only happy face here! Good service, quick service, reliable service. Money well spent, product “ low density Swiss lace men’s toupee” is of very good quality and worth recommending! Thank you
Mikael L
November 11th
Superlative Restoration Service ! 
I'm 100% satisfied with your restoration of my favorite, but worn hairpiece. Communication was great, and no hassles or surprises - and within the brief turnaround time offered.
Mar 25th, 2017
You have an outstanding products. Are used to order from Northwest lace, hair direct, Top lace and a few other places and your systems are by far better. I'm serious. You'll see the amount of folks that will come to you looking for a better solution to what they now have. 
You are very fortunate to have her working for your company!
Dear George, 
Over the past 25 years, I have had hair pieces cut by stylists in Edmonton, Regina, Winnipeg, Ottawa, and Toronto.  This past month I decided to try a cut by one of your stylists in Mississagua.  Her name is Kamila.  Her cut was so good, that I came back a week later and had a second unit cut by her.  She is very talented.  So talented that once I move from Toronto I will travel back specifically to get her to cut my units.  The quality of a hair piece is important for sure, but the cut either makes it or breaks it. Kamila cuts with a razor, and this is the best way to cut a hair piece. 
Kamila is one talented stylist and you are very fortunate to have her working for your company.  I look forward to doing business with your company for years to come.  Thank you
John  May 23rd, 2016
I am delighted by the evolution of mens toupees!
I have been wearing a hairpiece for over 51 years. I am delighted by the
evolution of mens toupees that create an extraordinary natural looking head of hair.
The first criteria is to have an experienced stylist to custom cut the toupee
into your own hair. If your stylist is not practiced in this service, allow them
two or more appointments.  As real as it looks, this hair doesn’t grow back. 
The new Light Density units make natural looking hair very easy.
Learning how to clean the hairpiece with the removal of glue and tape build up
is crucial for longer life of the piece. I buy this style which has an area of polyurethane 
 that is less fragile than the all net base. The rule of thumb is the more natural the more
fragile, the more frequent replacement. I expect to go through at least three a year.
Considering the cost of my first piece in 1965 @$300.00 , I could afford to wear 10 of this style base.
Jerry W May 5th, 2016
5A feels more like 8A
The hair is amazing great quality for 5A feels more like 8A I am pleasantly surprised 
May 1,2016
A customer for life!
Hello, George. I decided to share some opinion and publish in discreet. Here is my review:
You have an amazing company with great prices and super-duper fast shipping- usually in 2 days- I still don't know how you do it. I deal with many, many hair replacement companies and you are #1 in my little black book. Most of the other companies, I need to wait up to 8 weeks for a hair replacement. Thank God for the internet or else I would never have found out about your company. Keep up the great work- You are a credit to your industry! 
Basil P- A customer for life!
Apr 28,2016
By Tony Apr 22, 2016
Got my order today fantastic thank you in will definitely use you again 
Jan 14, 2015
Firstly can I say WOW!!!
I just got my order I order a sample to ensure that I love your hair, and the color ring to ensure I know what color to order. Firstly can I say WoW!
Your top grade is extremely amazing!  It feels soft and the color is bang on!!! The fullness is incredible! I'll have these install for myself to wear them.
I am so happy to have an account with and will be placing another order this week!
Wow!!! Thank you so much!
Coral N
Nov 12, 2015
I really like that hair piece. It was really well done. Good workmanship!
I will order from you again.
John W

 December 18th, 2015

Hello George, I must commend you and your staff on great customer service. I just received my second online order from Superhairpieces (literally within hours). A new supplier I went with for a custom piece made a disaster out of a "rush" order I  placed 9 weeks ago. It still hasn't arrived...I needed a stock piece fast. You guys came through in spades! Your accessory product line is very good too and like the ease and professionalism of your website. When it's time for my next custom, I may give you a try.  Happy holidays and thanks again!

Patrick P

Apr 15th, 2015

I will be re-ordering from you in the future! Is a Excellent Hair replacement company i can't praise them enough for their High Quality Hair Systems for both Men & Women. I have been a client for 2 years and thoroughly enjoyed my experience with this company. Lovely Staff who are always willing to answer any questions or concerns either on the telephone or on Chat. A Highly trained Hair Stylist who helped me cut and style my system before shipping at a very good price. High End Hair systems both Partial and full Caps. The Hair is Real human Hair, very soft and natural looking. I would Highly Recommend Superhairpieces to everyone one looking for Hair Replacement systems and for their professionalism and Customer Service . 10/10 EXCELLENT :-) 

Kevin UK


Mar 5th, 2015

I received the piece today and am very pleased. It is as good if not better than then I have had in the past and I have been wearing pieces for 50 years. The cut was very good. As expected, there is some tweaking needed and I will see my stylist tomorrow. Your service is excellent and I will be re-ordering from you in the future. Bob B Florida


Perfect cut, exactly as I asked

Monday 15 September, 2014

Just received my unit. Thank you very much.. It’s perfect... Perfect cut, exactly as I asked. Shipping was very fast. You do a very good job, and I’m a satisfied customer for many years. Best, Ed
Testimonial By: Ed

It is superb!!!

Thursday 21 August, 2014

I received it last night!!! It is superb!!! I have been buying systems from 3 other companies. Only one of them was ever good about getting a system to me on time. They were usually 3 days or 4 though. I quit one company because they messed up my orders twice. The systems that I have been getting the past 8 years have NEVER been the same quality as yours!! Thank you so much! I will be loyal customer of yours for a long time!!!
Testimonial By: Steve S


Monday 11 August, 2014

For the M115, I cut it and attached it this weekend. There are many good things about it, but I had a very difficult time bleaching the knots. Because of the lower density, it is really essential to have bleached knots, at least at the hairline. Can I ask, why is it that only solid colours and grey mix under 20% come with the knots bleached? I had to bleach the piece three times, and still some of the knots were very visible. There seemed to be some very large knots at the hairline, some were double knots and even triple knots. I had to go in with my ventilating needle and untie some of the largest knots so that they were smaller. I finally got it so that I could wear it, but it's not perfect and it was a LOT of work! I would definitely recommend offering bleached knots for all the darker colours, even the grey mix ones, and if possible using only single knots near the hairline. I hope you don't mind me saying this, it's just that I know the M115 models are new for you so it can be helpful to get some feedback from your customers. Otherwise, the piece seemed good. The lighter density is nice (although for me personally, still a little too heavy). The lace is fine and disappears well on my skin. The hair feels and looks good. The colour is excellent - the #6 is a nice 'ash' colour, not red at all like some companies. So once again, I really think that you are very close to having an excellent option with the new M115, if only the knots were smaller in front and bleached at the factory. Please let me know about the bare swiss lace caps when you have a chance. Thanks and best wishes, Dave
Testimonial By: Dave

WOW ! what can i say

Wednesday 30 July, 2014

Hi everyone at, got my order today in england after just 3 days ,WOW what can i say great service great hairpiece will send other order soon. If anyone looking to buy a hairpiece you have found the right place to get it, George Li and his team will sort it out for you . one happy customer keep up the good work. stephen England
Testimonial By: stephen b — welling, United Kingdom

Stupendous Hair System

Thursday 03 July, 2014

Were do I begin to tell you thank you for the fast, accurate, and exceptional product I received from you and your company.I have been battling hair loss for quite sometime now going on 27. I was also due recently to be married. As do most people I wanted to look my best for my wedding. Now I'm the type of person that loves his hair and was quite upset and had lost much of my confidence in myself. I had gotten to were I was wearing a bennie.It was really looking bad now especially that I have had dreadlocks now for 3yrs.So I decided to order the M109(in stock system).After 25hrs of work I was able to crochet(dreadlocks) to the M(109) to make it appear like my natural hair!! Looks amazing,not to mention the last two weeks of me being in the ocean to all the way to the guym.So if you're look for an durable, affordable hair loss solution guys or gals go with this place.Thank you George for restoring my confidence and my natural look that I like so much!Peace, Love,
Testimonial By: Jared Lindsey — Houston, TX, United States

It was a pleasure dealing with you!

Friday 06 June, 2014

Hi George, We received the hairpiece and it looks great! We will order an other one in the next while, the only thing to change for the next one is that the hair density needs to be a bit thinner to match my hair! It was a pleasure dealing with you! Take care Doug ( Yukon) Note: This is a client from Yukon, Canada. it took 2 weeks to send the order to him.
Testimonial By: Yokon

Thanks for adding this new valuable service.

Monday 12 May, 2014

Hi George, Thanks very much for sending my new replacement (with cut). I'm so glad you are offering the cutting service now. It saves me so much time and trouble. Thanks for adding this new valuable service. And, your turn-around time is the best in the business.. No one can beat you with regard to how fast you get things shipped. One question I'm hoping you might be able to answer, and/or make suggestions. I usually order the M100 piece, which I like because the poly base all around the sides of unit, allows for a great attachment that lasts for weeks even with repeated washing and sleeping in the unit. However, this last time, I thought I'd try the lace front, M106 because I thought it would give me an even more undetectable frontal hair line. The M106 is nice too, because it offers a lighter hair density. When I got the unit, It was great, because it was all pre-cut and ready to wear. Unfortunately, I seem to be having problems keeping the front attached. After about a day of wear, it was already loosening up in front, and at one point started to become detached from my head. The back seemed tight because of the poly backing, but the front started to become very loose. is there any trick to getting a better attachment with this type of unit? I used the super tape, like I always do, and that tape usually holds for four weeks or more on the M100 unit.  Any advice for a better attachment of the M106 unit? Thanks so much, as always.. Your products and service are top notch, and I enjoy working with you. Best, ED
Testimonial By: ED

Thanks again for rushing this repair for me

Saturday 10 May, 2014

Hi George, I wanted to thank you for the rush repair that you did for me and sent via mail on Wednesday. It came out really good. I also want to make sure that when you complete the new piece for me that you not include so much grey in the piece. I would prefer it had no more than 5%. Also, I assume that when the new piece is made it will have the seal all along the hairline as a band so its not so itchy and scratchy. Finally, please make sure that the piece is cut, and also that the front hairline is filled in as much as possible.  Thanks again for rushing this repair for me. I look forward to seeing the new piece arrive in the next 5-6 weeks.  Best,  Steve
Testimonial By: Steve

You came through and met my expectations.

Thursday 24 April, 2014

Hello George Li, the new looks great! You came through and met my expectations. If you can make them like this for me you now have a customer for life my friend. Thanks again and let me know how far in advance you want me to order my next one, Thanks! Eric
Testimonial By: Eric

Your company was a great find !

Wednesday 23 April, 2014

Thanks for a great hair unit just cut it and the color is near perfect looks great very happy with it also the red tape is the best I have ever used was asking many years for this type of tape your company was a great find ! Thanks Greg C
Testimonial By: Greg C


Monday 31 March, 2014

Hello George, I just received my order(only two days from Canada to France !!!)  Very high quality of the toupees. Merci beaucoup. P
Testimonial By: CHESNEY P — SAINT MARTIN D'HERES, , France


Wednesday 26 March, 2014

Hello George, I just received my order(only two days from Canada to France !!!)  Very high quality of the toupees. Merci beaucoup. Philippe
Testimonial By: CHESNEY Philippe — SAINT MARTIN D'HERES, , France

The skin is very thin and seems to disappear very well on my sca

Monday 24 March, 2014

The skin is very thin and seems to disappear very well on my sca

Hello George, I just wanted to let you know that I have spent the morning working on the cut-in of the new hairpiece, and so far I really love the piece! The colour is really good, and the v-looping is fantastic, one of the best I have seen. The skin is very thin and seems to disappear very well on my scalp. I will attach a photo of the piece while I was doing the cut-in. I have a couple of questions about the ultra thin skin pieces: - is it possible to custom order one with slightly higher density, maybe 10% more hair, or is 80% the maximum density available? - will you be carrying ASH colours with grey percentages at some point, or will they only be available as solid colours? Thanks again, I'm really happy with the piece. When I have time I will post a review on the Hairlosshelp forum. Regards, Dave
Testimonial By: Dave

Its very nice of you resolving my concern.

Friday 21 March, 2014

Hi George,  Its very nice of you resolving my concern.  I agree and appreciate your reversing the transaction even if it takes 3 weeks for the reversal to complete. My brother is very happy with the hair piece I ordered him except the color i picked for him is slightly off. I will be more careful in choosing the color on our next order.  Again, I thank you for all the exceptional services from yourself and your staff. I now believe the comments posted on your web site and looking to post my own comment as well. Steph
Testimonial By: Steph

The styling and cutting hair are perfect

Friday 21 March, 2014

HI George! I've bought Poly skin hairpiece and I am very satisfied of the quality of this product. The styling and cutting hair are perfect. The price is very low, the quality is the best and delivery is vey fast, in two days only. Thank you so much! Chris
Testimonial By: Chris

Getting it to me on time for my big show.

Tuesday 11 March, 2014

Yes I got my hair unit and it was just great looking. Thank for your kind support getting it to me on time for my big show. I see know reason not to buy more from you. I gave my stylist your name and company information so she can contact you with other clients.  Thanks again Ralston l Sent from my iPad
Testimonial By: Ralston l

Very Natural look

Saturday 18 January, 2014

Thanks George, Ive been a HP client for 15years+ from other sources, George this stock unit is better than any custom unit Ive had, thanks count on repeat orders
Testimonial By: Andrew C — Oromocto, NB, Canada

I Pulled it out of the box and WOW!

Tuesday 14 January, 2014

Hello, I thought I should let you know I received the new system Friday. I Pulled it out of the box and WOW! it`s perfect, It`s everything I hoped it would be and more. I was able to literally take it right out of the box slap some glue on the P/U edges and it was ready to go.  I`m defiantly a longterm repeat customer. Thanks again, James R
Testimonial By: James R

Show you how a "close-out" hairpiece turned out

Friday 10 January, 2014

Thought I would show you how a "close-out" hairpiece turned out I ordered from your company. I managed to fit it to my head after working with it over a few weeks time. I originally ordered another "close-out" piece that I didn't think would work & your company graciously allowed me to order this hairpiece (with more gray) for which I am very thankful. Again, thank you for your good customer service....Frank A, San Marcos, Ca.
Testimonial By: Frank

I thank you for your expert advice

Tuesday 07 January, 2014

Hi Kandice, just wanted to say THANK YOU for the wonderful service you have given me. I received my hairpieces, the repaired one and the duplicate and I have to say I am so impressed and satisfied. As a matter of fact I think the duplicate one is actually better looking and fuller/more bodied and dense than the one I had repaired. Considering the condition of the one I sent in for repair I think your company did a wonderful job in restoring it.  On a side note, the No Shine Tape I ordered from you last month seems to have done the trick on the front portion of my piece. It holds very well (about 2 weeks or so of good bond) and I am not experiencing the itching that I was getting from the Top Stick Plus tape I had been using before when the tape finally melts down.  Once again, I thank you for your expert advice and help. I hope you had a nice Christmas and have a Happy New Year. Rich B
Testimonial By: Richard B

Excellent Company

Monday 06 January, 2014

Hi George I received my Skin System today its amazing. Its the best system I have bought. The quality of the system is just out standing. I am very happy with it. I would highly recommend your company .I would give you 5 Stars. You have excellent customer service and you are always willing to answer any questions. Thank you so much
Testimonial By: Kevin R — Liverpool, , United Kingdom

Incredibly Satisfied with Repair

Friday 03 January, 2014

I sent in a piece for repair that was pretty derogated in terms of hair loss. I did the $199 special where they do the repair AND make a duplicate piece. Considering the condition of the repair piece they did a great job restoring it. However, the duplicate piece was just fantastic. It actually came out fuller bodied and denser than the repaired piece - it is just beautiful. Also the service with this company is great. My consultant is Kandice - if you call ask for her for sure. Rich
Testimonial By: Richard B — Lee Center, NY, United States


Wednesday 04 December, 2013

I`ve bought French lace hair piece and I must say it`s great, high quality product! Previously I bought toupee from other company and they charged me 5 times more for same quality hair piece. Great stuff, fast delivery. Thanks guys!
Testimonial By: PJ — Dublin, , Ireland

Men''s hair replacements

Tuesday 03 December, 2013

I just received my third hair replacement from Ning's Wig's and I'm very pleased with the quality,of the product the great personal service from there staff," Candice" has been great to deal with and the delivery service is second to none. DJA
Testimonial By: Donnie A — Sydney, NS, Canada

Great Company.

Tuesday 03 December, 2013

My hair piece was in shambles and I was getting ready to trash it when I ran into this website when I was surfing on the internet one night. So, I took a chance and boy was I in for a shock. It came back like BRAND NEW and it only cost $80 bucks. Great Work!!! AAA all the Way!!!
Testimonial By: Basil P — Jersey City, NJ, United States

You are a great professional man

Friday 15 November, 2013

I have no words,the package arrived right now, dear George you are a great professional man. Thanks! Can you find for me also a system in lace color 1B80? I pay it immediatly!
Testimonial By: G

Your company is the best kept secret on the North American Conti

Monday 11 November, 2013

George, I recently contacted your company to see about getting my hairpiece restored. I was connected to a sales consultant named Kandace. I cannot tell you how impressed I was with her courteousness and assistance. I told her I wanted to start maintaining my piece myself (wash, condition, etc) as I was unhappy with my hairdresser. She was so helpful. She told me exactly what I needed to purchase to do it properly from washing and conditioning to reattaching it with adhesive and what type of adhesive to purchase. She gave me some instructions on how to use the various items I purchased. I did it for the first time yesterday. I can't believe the results - simply wonderful.  I then discussed the repair of my old piece. Again, so helpful. She had me send it directly to her attention. Yesterday (Friday) she called and told me she had evaluated the piece. I was concerned that perhaps it couldn't be repaired. She said it could and I purchased the $199 special to get a second piece.  If my pieces come back anywhere near like the level of assistance I received from Kandace and your customer service; I have got to say that your company is the best kept secret on the North American Continent.  Please tell her how thankful I am for the wonderful assistance she has given me.  Rich B
Testimonial By: Rich B

Hi George Li, Since yesterday I wear the new system from superh

Saturday 09 November, 2013

Hi George Li, Since yesterday I wear the new system from superhairpieces, and it looks very magnificent, absolutly perfect !!!!Emoji You and your team make a excellent job !!!! On this way I will order 2 more pieces of my system. Please send me the details for this new deal. Thank you! Fred
Testimonial By: Fred

Fast service!

Tuesday 05 November, 2013

Wow! I ordered some supplies yesterday at 4:00 pm and they were at my door at 9:15 this morning. That's really impressive...nice work!
Testimonial By: Ross — Toronto, ON, Canada

Very pleased

Friday 04 October, 2013

Received my first unit from George and it is amazing. I just placed a second order with many more too come. Have already issued referrals. Great experience all around!
Testimonial By: John Valerio — Berlin, NJ, United States


Monday 26 August, 2013

I placed my order thursday night and every thing arrived monday morning. Speedy service and guality products aswell. I COULDN'T BE MORE PLEASED.B.J.N
Testimonial By: Brian Nally — Kingston, ON, Canada

Very Happy

Wednesday 14 August, 2013

I recieved my Monica hairpiece and love it! It is by far the best one I have had. The quality and color is amazing.I am also very happy with the cap. It is hard to find reasonably priced human hair wigs that have the full cap and not the wefted cap.I will definatley be a lifetime customer. Thank you so much! I can't say enough good things!
Testimonial By: Marissa Phelan — Anderson, CA, United States

great service thanks

Tuesday 11 June, 2013

great service will use again thanks very much for speedy service
Testimonial By: James Johnson — Shipley, , United Kingdom

My heart is beating higher…

Wednesday 05 June, 2013

Hello George! It arrived!!! It is surely not exaggerated, if I say : I AM EXCITED. Just blown away! So let me tell you something about me: I am a makeup artist (my learned profession was hairdresser, later I practiced at theatre and did some diploma becoming a make up artist). Although my current active profession has not much to do with that anymore, I occasionally still work for shows, movies and the theatre. The theme never really left me. I hand-made toupees and wigs myself in those early days too (especially at the theatre), but we never reached that precision as I am holding in my hands now, I even did not see something that was approximately close to this until today. THAT'S AN ARTWORK! I will use the hairpiece for myself, not for work. And maybe I'll take some shots later, if it is cut in (what I'm doing by myself of course). This is my first personal hair piece (a stock piece) so I have to apply some changes in color and shape. But that's all quite minor, because the hair piece at is, is perfectly suited for being able to achieve perfect results at the end. My heart is beating higher… Thank you very much for all of your efforts and kindness! You got a new customer for sure. Kindest Regards, Jens
Testimonial By: Jens

will be buying form you again in the future

Tuesday 04 June, 2013

hI George.the hair is great, got it fitted last night, very pleased it looks great. will be buying form you again in the future. thanks - davida
Testimonial By: David

so far I believe you have the best product.

Thursday 30 May, 2013

Hi George and Olivia, I just received the exchanged hairpiece today. It is the M101 in color #280. I haven’t gotten it cut in yet but out of the box I am very pleased. The base is fantastic and I am optimistic that the color will work perfectly. If this works the way I think it will, you have me as a new long term customer. I have tried numerous suppliers and there was a problem with each one. You have provided excellent service and so far I believe you have the best product. Thank you.
Testimonial By: Richard

Awesome duplicate!

Tuesday 21 May, 2013

George is the absolute best!!!! I sent him a duplicate hairpiece to be made and he copied it exactly!I'm so pleased that I'll tell my clients to order from him as well Thanks a bunch George!!!!!
Testimonial By: Marie — silver spring, MD, United States

Great company

Monday 20 May, 2013

This is my 4th hair piece great quality hair very fast shipping highly recommended thank you. A+++++
Testimonial By: Lee Allen — Croydon, United Kingdom

Both myself and my stylist are thrilled

Tuesday 09 April, 2013

Both myself and my stylist are thrilled

George, I wanted to take a moment to tell you about my newest unit. I just had it cut-in a few days ago, and both myself and my stylist are thrilled with the soft silky curl, and perfect density and color match. Please keep the exact details of this most recent order in your files, so I can order more. I will contact you soon about invoicing me. I’m attaching some photos. Sincerely, Mr P M FL, USA
Testimonial By: M_P

You Rock George!!

Thursday 21 March, 2013

Hello! I am sorry for not getting back to you sooner. I am SO happy with my new hair - it's absolutely astounding how great it looks on me. I'll be in touch and purchasing from you again and regularly. Count on it! You've probably got a lot of fans - now you have another one to add to the army. You Rock George!! Best Wishes Tony
Testimonial By: Tony

You took care of my needs expeditiously

Sunday 17 March, 2013

Thanks George. I received my new hair unit on Saturday as you stated. It is fantastic. I appreciate your guidance and delivery of a great product you took care of my needs expeditiously. You are the best. I look forward to doing business with you again very soon.  (M108 Base Afro Hair)
Testimonial By: Emmanuel

Feels great and easy to style

Wednesday 06 March, 2013

hi George I finally got to try this unit after you changed it to the lace front it looks great undetectable front better than what I had before feels great and easy to style better holding time on the tape excellent thank you I am wondering about ordering another unit like that one can you help
Testimonial By: Flix

Great service and very good quality product

Tuesday 12 February, 2013

I received my hair piece and was very happy with the quality. George help me with my first order. The workmanship is by far the best I got in comparison to those that I ordered from other wig company. I am in the process of ordering more.
Testimonial By: wendy moy — Highlands Ranch, CO, United States

your advice on which model to choose was really helpful

Thursday 07 February, 2013

Hi George, I got my piece last Friday, two weeks before it was expected, wonderful!, thank you very much, you've done a great job!. It was exactly what I wanted, your advice on which model to choose was really helpful, you were absolutely right.  The hair looks great, I really love my piece. The template construction is brilliant, it fits my head perfectly. I must also say that your customer service is very profesional, as I said before you've been a great help with your advice and by sending me the hair colour samples (that was fantastic). I will defenitely recommend your company in post where I write in internet. I'm goint to wear this piece for a couple of weeks and soon I will place a new order. One more thing, you've sent me back with my order the template mold I sent you, I guess I told you to keep it too late, don't worry, it's all right, I'll send it back to you when I place the new order. I will visit your web site to write a mention, best regards, Mónica
Testimonial By: Monica

To my surprise, the next day my order arrived

Monday 28 January, 2013

Hi George, I spoke with a very nice lady from your company late in the day, it must have been 8:30 pm your time. She helped me and made some suggestion. And to my surprise, the next day my order arrived. That was great service! Thank You. Frank B
Testimonial By: Frank B

Compliment you for your professionalism and precision

Friday 11 January, 2013

Hello Giorgio, parcel has arrived today and I want to compliment you for your professionalism and precision
Testimonial By: Gianni

Quickly order and very good quality

Friday 04 January, 2013

Quickly order,quickly shipment and the hairpiece have a very good quality!! Thanks!
Testimonial By: Fabio B.

The quality is great for the price

Wednesday 05 December, 2012

hello, I have purchased hair from you a few times under different seller names. I got you to make me the 2 packs of hand tied 23 inch black extensions. I am really interested in trying the tape extensions. I was wondering if this is something you have in stock or are maybe getting in the future or if its something you could make for me as you made me my 23 inch extensions. I love your hair. The quality is great for the price. The extension wefts I purchased before match my hair perfectly. U would never know it wasn't mine. I do want to and would like to continue business with you as i love your hair. Let me know Lana
Testimonial By: Lana

You made my day

Monday 03 December, 2012

Hello George , I just want to thank you for sending me the best piece ever ! I love it so much .My stylist was happy to style it . Please remember this model . In fact if you have one more like the one you just sent me , would like to go ahead and get that too.  Once again , Thank you ! made my day ! :-) Cassi
Testimonial By: Cassi

tres bon produit

Sunday 18 November, 2012

voila maintenant plusieurs mois que je commande les produits m100 il sont de superbe qualité mes clients sont entièrement ravis il sont magnifiques merci george
Testimonial By: christophe cuvelier — roubaix, , France — la folie des longueurs

Great job repairing the piece

Sunday 04 November, 2012

Hi George Great job repairing the piece, looks brand new !  Can't wait for the new piece. You will save my base size and measurements ?  So I can order new pieces at anytime. Thanks Much! A K
Testimonial By: A K

Hair piece is a very good quality and came very quickly

Friday 05 October, 2012

hello GEORGE received todaythe hair piece is a very good quality and came very quickly, you're excellent professional and will work again thanks , have a nice day! Giannio Ioannis from rhodes -Greece
Testimonial By: George georgaras

Easy to cut and trim to blend with the actors' natural hair.

Thursday 27 September, 2012

Easy to cut and trim to blend with the actors' natural hair.

George  thanks for getting back to me. I will send you a "Before " and "After photo of the actor as Teddy Roosevelt with the hairpiece we purchased last year---as well as the one with the hairpiece I just ordered.  The hair piece was just fantastic to work with! Easy to cut and trim to blend with the actors' natural hair.
Testimonial By: MaryJo Alexander

Absolutely love the quality and the feel

Thursday 27 September, 2012

George, Just wanted to follow up and mention that I received the hair piece and got it cut in. Absolutely love the quality and the feel. My last supplier went out of business and I have been having troubles finding another quality supplier at a good price. As long as the quality remains and the good prices remain, you have a long term customer here. Thanks, Jon
Testimonial By: Jon

Awesome !!!

Tuesday 28 August, 2012

I sent my damaged hair unit in for repair and duplication. Not only did they repair my damaged unit beyond expectations but the duplication of my damaged unit was totally awesome. I cannot say thank you enough times. I am more than pleased with the quality of workmanship. EXCELLENT!!!! Will always do my business with George/ Thank you again...
Testimonial By: Thomas Miles — Mason City, IA, United States — Chosen Song

it was the same quality as her 450 dollar system.

Tuesday 21 August, 2012

hello....I purchased a hair system from you back in mid january and have been meaning to write....great system! It was perfect and your customer service was perfect. It was shipped rapidly and my hair stylist (who is an Apollo dealer..) said it was the same quality as her 450 dollar system. This saved me a ton of money and I think it looks great! How do I leave feed back on the system on ebay? Thanks for the great service.  L W, North Charleston SC
Testimonial By: L W

Your website is the best

Thursday 16 August, 2012

Hi, George Li thank you for a truly great hair system. I am so glad that my friends told me, your website is the best. Great Quality Hair System and affordable quick delivery!
Testimonial By: Daniel T

Very satisfied with the stock hairpiec

Thursday 02 August, 2012

Hi George, I am very satisfied with the stock hairpiece you sent last month. I have an unworn brand new unit from another vendor that is a little lighter than the one you sent (#360). Can you have some darker hair added so that it would match? I can have it thinned if necessary when I get it styled. If you can do that, is the cost the same as a normal repair? Thanks. Answered: Yes, no extra charge
Testimonial By: g

Great job repairing the piece

Sunday 15 July, 2012

Hi George , Great job repairing the piece, looks brand new ! Can't wait for the new piece. You will save my base size and measurements ? So I can order new pieces at anytime. Thanks Much, A K
Testimonial By: A K

This hair is perfect

Wednesday 11 July, 2012

This hair is perfect, the fit, size, lace , lenght and colour, almost no trimming just comb out, a small cut like nothing almost and perfect, thanks so much, and keep these specs as this is what I will order again , talk to you soon, thanks so much George, have agreat summer,  Dennis.Ontario, Canada
Testimonial By: Dennis


Thank you for making it just the way I wanted it.

Monday 09 July, 2012

Thank Mr. Li Everything looks great to me. Thank you for making it just the way I wanted it.
Testimonial By: M.K

great units

Thursday 21 June, 2012

wow george the quality of the unit is excellent its the same as i was paying 400 dollars for.nice soft hair .you got yourself a lifetime customer NYC, United States
Testimonial By: john — islip, NY, United States

This is exactly what I was looking for

Tuesday 19 June, 2012

George Just got back in town and received the extra-long toupee I ordered. Just wanted to say how perfect it is. I thought it would be like a wig with a cap inner structure but this is exactly what I was looking for. The length is great in that I will probably have it cut shorter to a different style.  Thanks again for great work and I will probably be ordering some more. Bob Texas, USA
Testimonial By: Bob

Superquality for Superprice!

Thursday 14 June, 2012

Hi George, I received my hairpiece on monday Jun 11 and I want you to know that I am very satisfied with this purchase it is really value for the money. Superquality for Superprice!. Best regards Hakan
Testimonial By: Hakan

The best costomer service

Tuesday 12 June, 2012

Hi George, I wanted to take this moment Thank you for great customer serves and products!!! I?ve been a customer of yours for two years now and each time that I place an order (special size). The attention to customer detail that you offer is the best!! I wished that I had fount your company sooner!
Testimonial By: Richard C — Los Angeles, CA, United States


Tuesday 05 June, 2012

George,thank you for that fantastic hair system you sent me, it was perfect and made very well,you have a customer for life,again thank you.John Chicago,MI
Testimonial By: John — Montebello, CA, United States


Tuesday 15 May, 2012

The products are excellent and I am also very happy with customer service. Thanks George!
Testimonial By: Walter M — Panama City, FL, United States

very good

Wednesday 09 May, 2012

very good quality beautifull hair and very good color thank you
Testimonial By: christophe c — roubaix, France — la folie des longueurs


Wednesday 25 April, 2012

Never seen something like this!i am in France and I received 2days after,the quality is very good thank so much George li tou are professional
Testimonial By: benjamin riquelme martinez — marseille, , France


Tuesday 24 April, 2012

after procrastinating on placing my first order online for hair for many many weeks and bothering George with endless questions (thanks for your patience George) I decided to finally place my order for the stock M105 unit to get me by until I can send away for a custom unit. The unit is great. Hair is super soft (even after washing) durable, the base is comfortable and it looks and feels so natural, not one person noticed my transition. Because let's face it hair-wearers, transition from one piece to the next is a hard pill to swallow.. the worry about possible density change from old piece to new, and all the nuances we notice as wearers but the public doesn't exactly focus on. I was pleased with the fast delivery and I will always continue to buy hair from here from now on. Cannot believe how much I was ripped off when I first started buying wigs.  George has done something pretty awesome here.  Thank you, Brandon
Testimonial By: Brandon G — Canyon Lake, CA, United States

You are a Scholar, and an Artist, and a Gentleman.

Tuesday 03 April, 2012

Dear Mr Li, Perfect, Perfect, Perfect. You are a Scholar, and an Artist, and a Gentleman. I couldn't ask for a better Toupee than what you made for me Sir. I thank you Sir and your crew. Yours Truly, Mark M
Testimonial By: Mark M

Like the Color and texture

Friday 23 March, 2012

Thanks it arrived safely.. Like the Color and texture.(M102 color 18 with 10% grey) Great Hairpieces..Reverend Shun
Testimonial By: Shun

The quality is just excellent

Friday 23 March, 2012

I received the hair piece. I have never owned a hair piece as good as the one you sent me. The quality is just excellent . Thank you have another good customer.
Testimonial By: Salm

2 Days to Dublin Ireland!

Wednesday 07 March, 2012

I just received your hair unit today in Dublin Ireland, That was quick delivery from Canada, 2 Days?? PS. It looks good quality and if this works out well I will reorder 2 more.I will leave a very good review on your website,, Well done.......
Testimonial By: Bob

I have to commend you for this product

Monday 27 February, 2012

How are you today? I got my previous order and I have to commend you for this product. I would like to order another one. I would like to have brown black of M102. Wavy is fine. It does not have to be curly. Can you tell me how much and I will send you a money order or cashier check for it. Again, thank you so much and I am really satisfied.
Testimonial By: Fami Dixon

He tipped me good...

Thursday 23 February, 2012

Just wanted to say thank you the hair was perfect and he is going to order another one shortly as he wants to have 2 for different styles...:-))) and he tipped me good...
Testimonial By: Veron

I cannot begin to,Thank You enough!!

Thursday 23 February, 2012

George, I received my ordered hair piece,yesterday.I had to let you know that,this is "The Best" hair piece,I have ever bought! I bought my first,human hair, hair piece / toupee in 1990 from a well known TX Company.Since,I lived outside the United States for 10 years,I continued buying from this company until,I returned in July 1999.once,I returned to the States,I bought 2 synthetic, Brand Name toupees from a company in TX.I always bought 2 toupees at a time and the average cost for 2 toupees was $3,200.00.In retrospect,I now know that,I got Screwed! I will continue buying from you not only because of the cost factor but also,because your hair pieces are far Superior to those,I had before! I cannot begin to,Thank You enough!! I have but one question which,I will call you about.It has to do with the Front Lace and whether,I am supposed to trim it back and if so,how far back?
Testimonial By: Chris

Seems that this unit is very popular.

Friday 23 December, 2011

Hi George: Nice to hear from you so soon. The address is correct. Please bill me for the two pieces and send them when you get them. I will need another in about 2 more months, so no big hurry. Seems that this unit is very popular. I like it very much, like the color as well.
Testimonial By: Mo

You have a returning customer!!

Friday 23 December, 2011

George, I just do not know how you do it! I opened the box when it arrived, hoping that I picked the correct color-----and WOW what quality!!. I'm getting it cut in on the 24th. the color is great! feels great also. You have a returning customer!! Great job. Thanks a million. Dn
Testimonial By: dn

very impressed with the quality

Wednesday 07 December, 2011

Thanks so much, George. I would like to go ahead and order the two tone ××/××. I absolutely love the topper I received from you last month and am very impressed with the quality! I just wanted to confirm that the cap and length are the same as the topper I just received
Testimonial By: Sheri

perfect perfect perfect

Wednesday 07 December, 2011

well again perfect perfect perfect you and your staff im so pleased with everything hair arrived today so quick client will be as happy as i am with it ,,,,ok happy xmas will order again in january keep record of syle//colour as i will
Testimonial By: Richard — Australia

She was totally surprised

Saturday 29 October, 2011

This one is fantastic although I almost ruined it by cutting it myself, oops. But it turns out that the way I cut it really looks natural. A girl at our local vet ask me yesterday what I had done to my hair. She thought maybe it used to be longer but wasn't sure what I had done. I told her it was a toupee, she was totally surprised. Everyone that sees me knows something is different but are so surprised when I say I have a toupee. Den
Testimonial By: Den

I am thrilled with the quality

Wednesday 26 October, 2011

Helo George hairpiece arrived and i am thrilled with the quality.If i order another one exactly like this one will it still cost me the same price?I would expect it to be exactly like this one ? thank you again for making me a very happy man regards Robert
Testimonial By: Robert

The Best !!

Thursday 13 October, 2011

Just ordered my second hairpiece, gotta tell you, these are the best stock units i have ever had the pleasure of wearing, the hair is soft and looks extremely natural, My hair stylists only complaint was the she couldn't tell what was my hair and what was the hairpiece... love it !! a fan for life !!!! Steve
Testimonial By: Steve — MA, United States — Steve

Even my hairstylist commented on how good the hair looked and fe

Friday 23 September, 2011

I just wanted to let you know I did receive my repaired hairpiece last week. Thank you for the fast sevice!!! I am VERY pleased with the new hair that was added. It looks awesome and the hair is so soft!!!. Even my hairstylist commented on how good the hair looked and felt!!!! I cannot wait to see the brand new hairpiece that is being made. I will be ordering more!!!  One question, I assume for future orders that a copy of my template will be on file?  Many thanks again George for the wonderful service!!!!!
Testimonial By: M J

I just wish I had found your site 3 yrs ago

Wednesday 21 September, 2011

I received the first piece and I just wish I had found your site 3 yrs ago before wasting so much money on so many different wigs and hair pieces! the wig is beautiful- I have to lighten it-which I knew in advance -but it's just great and I wanted to thank you so much! I look forward to the next piece and working with you in the future! Thanks so much again!
Testimonial By: Sheri

Seems like a winner

Wednesday 21 September, 2011

My Mono Filament Lace Top with Clear Skin Polyurethane Base Perimeter Tape Area 6.75"x8.75 Scallop Front, color 20 arrived a day sooner than George told me it would-first tick. 1st impressions are excellent, great color & quality. I ordered an in-stock piece so there's nothing custom, apart from asking the hair to be straighter-this was done obligingly. I'm having it cut in next week & I can only hope it lasts as long as my 'now' piece. That's still going after 15 months & very similar in construction to this one. I take great care with my hair, only using L'Oreal everpure shampoo etc & changing my supertape every 5-6 days. Last word-if it lasts without shedding behaves like a good piece I'll be back for more spares & recommended this company to people, if it doesn't I wont-simple.
Testimonial By: Matt — NH, United States

I will definitely use your services again

Friday 09 September, 2011

I received the repair and duplicate earlier this week and though I haven't tried them on yet , they look great. I will definitely use your services again .
Testimonial By: John

Consistent Quality

Monday 09 May, 2011

George, This is my 3rd hairpiece from your company and it's nice to say that the quality in all the pieces have been the same.Great quality and consistency.Keep up the great work.My clients and I are very happy.Also your delivery is always prompt.
Testimonial By: shatissa sorrells — cartersville, GA, United States

Just gorgeous :?

Thursday 05 May, 2011

George.....this hair is beautiful.....TRULY! You did a extraordinary job ~ Not used to this kind of base...will be interesting to try! Just gorgeous :-)
Testimonial By: Tonya

Can't believe the hairpiece has lasted one whole year

Monday 28 March, 2011

Hi can't believe the hairpiece has lasted one whole this model still available?  You didn't have the 20% gray in stock last stock? Stan Note: The said hairpiece is our model M101 the full polyurthsane skin base
Testimonial By: Stan

my wife fell in love with me again

Thursday 17 March, 2011

Hi George, I received the hairpiece in good order. Thank you very much. I am very pleased with it. It makes me look years younger. It looks so good that my wife fell in love with me again. Thanks and regards, Marcel
Testimonial By: Marcel

Most excellent materials and quality workmanship!

Wednesday 23 February, 2011

Hi George. I can't tell you how pleased I am with the hair pieces that I have received from you! Most excellent materials and quality workmanship! I have even gotten comments from a couple of friends who also wear them that they are just as impressed. Randy F
Testimonial By: Randy F

I am impresse

Friday 18 February, 2011

Hi George I have received my second order from you and will be placing another one shortly, I am impressed. I am very thankful to have a person right here in our area that I can order from.  Thanks, Steve
Testimonial By: Steve

Wow, that was fast

Friday 18 February, 2011

Hi George, I received my shipment yesterday. Wow, that was fast. I'm really pleased with the product and service, and will definitely be ordering more from you in the future. Thanks for all you time & help. Robert
Testimonial By: Robert

Awesome product for the best price

Tuesday 12 October, 2010

I am a repeat customer and I am happy with my earlier hair piece that i received in May 2010. Thanks for the quick service.
Testimonial By: Rao S Batchu — Glendale Heights, IL, United States

Fabulous service

Thursday 19 August, 2010

George, Recieved before noon today! Fabulous service. The color is a MATCH to the SOCOLOR I used on my own hair. I like the light weight, the shape in front and the density. If it goes well, I will order another ASAP, and you may hear from another family member of mine too. Thanks, Nick in Florida
Testimonial By: Nick

Very good service!

Monday 09 August, 2010

I highly recommend The delivery is very quick, and George is always very prompt in answering your questions and returning emails.
Testimonial By: Jeff Bergen — Prairie Village, KS, United States

Many thanks for your prompt service

Friday 30 April, 2010

Dear George Many thanks for your prompt service, my new piece arrived here this Monday 26th. I was very surprised as we have had trouble with air travel here in the UK. I like the look of the quality of the piece although it has not been cut as yet but I am looking forward to wearing it from next week onwards. Many thanks Ian
Testimonial By: Ian Cook

Its awesome, the hair looks great, natural, silky smooth

Monday 19 April, 2010

Hi George This is Ricardo and Fernando, we didn't have the chance to get our items we bought a couple weeks ago from your website ti'l yesterday because we were out of the country(PR) It got on time to the house though... I must say, I'm impressed with the hairpiece i bought, Its awesome, the hair looks great, natural, silky smooth. I must confess that i was a little scared of buying a hairpiece online without taking a first look on my hands, but I changed my mind. You really made me go :D. I feel so confident right now; hopefully I will buy more later on from your website... Oh! I almost forget, so was the price awesome. Thanks George, me and Fernando, thank you for your great items. Thanks again! 2 satisfied customers, Ricardo and Fernando
Testimonial By: Ricardo

The hairline looks great

Wednesday 31 March, 2010

I just got the package today. The hairline looks great, exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot for such fast and excellent service.
Testimonial By: Russ

Thanks once again for sending it in timely fasion

Saturday 30 January, 2010

Hi George, I received the new piece that you sent the other day, my hair stylist had to cut it and fit it, but its looking nice. Thanks once again for sending it in timely fasion. Regarding the custom piece: since I'm away in Feb, I was wondering if you could hold on to the piece once you receive from China and send it to me on March 1st. Thanks once again,
Testimonial By: Patrick — Winnipeg, Manitoba

Thats the texture I am looking for

Tuesday 26 January, 2010

I recieved the last wig two days ago. It looks great. Thats the texture I am looking for when I order for black women. It looks great. Again I want to say Thank you. I will be ordering again. You and your family have a happy, happy holiday.
Testimonial By: Maria Kelsey — Floral Park, New York

No one wants me gray anymore

Tuesday 26 January, 2010

George, again a beautiful hairpiece. I have become a young man again. Everyone compliments me on it. Many are so surprised when I tell them it is a wig. I am thinking about how I can sell these down here and me make a little on each one. I'm not kidding, it is a big hit. People are asking me where I got it and I can't tell them yet. I'm gonna send you a couple of good before and afters. Have you ever thought about having several styled and put on a clear glass head and photographed. Once you have the picture of the styled wig, you can take anyone's photograph and put the various styles actually on them so they can see their finished self. I have a website where I take High School students pictures and I will use Adobe Photoshop to put their picture on a Plaque. It is actually pretty amazing to be able to show them their finished product before they buy them. This would be unbelievable with your wigs. I am working on this in my mind and trying to figure how I can help sell them and make me a few bucks also. I need to know if the last #365 is human hair. No one wants me gray anymore
Testimonial By: Philips Sommer — Carmel, Indiana

Fast delivery and nice products!

Tuesday 26 January, 2010

Thank you very much! Fast delivery and nice products! Definitely will be back
Testimonial By: Martin Adlam — Dallas, TX

Thats the texture I am looking for

Tuesday 22 December, 2009

I recieved the last wig two days ago. It looks great. Thats the texture I am looking for when I order for black women. It looks great. Again I want to say Thank you. I will be ordering again. You and your family have a happy, happy holiday.
Testimonial By: Maria Kelsey

I am happy with the 110% density all over

Tuesday 30 November, 1999

I received the hairpiece today. I washed it and combed it, and it looks perfect! I am happy with the 110% density all over. I won't actually be getting it cut in for a few weeks, but I don't see anything that needs to be changed. Go ahead and have the second one made with identical specs as the first one.
Testimonial By: David Stapleton

I thank you for your expert advice

Tuesday 30 November, 1999

Hi Kandice, just wanted to say THANK YOU for the wonderful service you have given me. I received my hairpieces, the repaired one and the duplicate and I have to say I am so impressed and satisfied. As a matter of fact I think the duplicate one is actually better looking and fuller/more bodied and dense than the one I had repaired. Considering the condition of the one I sent in for repair I think your company did a wonderful job in restoring it.  On a side note, the No Shine Tape I ordered from you last month seems to have done the trick on the front portion of my piece. It holds very well (about 2 weeks or so of good bond) and I am not experiencing the itching that I was getting from the Top Stick Plus tape I had been using before when the tape finally melts down.  Once again, I thank you for your expert advice and help. I hope you had a nice Christmas and have a Happy New Year. Rich Borges
Testimonial By: Richard B



I will be placing orders with George for many years to come

Tuesday 30 November, 1999

Hi everyone. I would like to share my experiences of wearing hairpieces. I've been wearing hair for about 16 years now, and I've been with a lot of different companies. My first hairpiece cost me over $4000, plus an airplane ticket to Toronto, etc. to pick it up, get it cut in etc. The salons could get away with those prices back then, and me believing that expensive meant quality, I thought I would be getting the best possible hair system out there. Well, it was by far the worst system I've ever had. The salesman was top notch, and probably ended up taking half my money in commission. I spent the next 12 years with a local salon, and they cost me $1700 each, they were ok, but not exceptional. Fed up with high costs, for the past several years I've been going the online route, and have ordered from a couple of the more well-known companies. It was always hit and miss, sometimes you'd get a good unit, other times it was just plain unwearable, either because it was too thin, too thick, wrong size, sometimes the hair was all dried up and looked like a birds nest, and sometimes the hair started shedding uncontrollably within the first month.  I've done alot of research on the subject, and I think it really depends on the factory that is makes the hair, the quality control within the factory, the source of the hair, and the skill of the ventilator that happens to be making your unit. Anyways, after receiving a bad unit from one of these online companies, I was in a panic because my current hairpiece had come to the end of it's lifetime, and I needed a new one right away. I stumbled across this "Super Hairpieces" site. They offered stock pieces and seeing that it was in Ontario, I put my order in. If it didn't work out, then at least I hadn't wasted too much money. I received the stock unit in the mail like three days later, and had it on by the end of that day. It looked so good, that I actually got a compliment the next day - my mother said I looked the same as when I was a teenager. This site was a life saver. I've ordered two more custom units from George since then, and I'm about to order a third. The hair quality has always been amazing, alive and healthy looking, and shedding is way less than all those other companies. The most important factor for me is the consistency of the orders. Finally having found a company I can rely on, I will be placing orders with George for many years to come. Thanks George.
Testimonial By: Joe
I give 5 stars
I am super pleased with the product and the haircut was excellent. Just what I wanted. I give 5 stars.
Testimonial By: Andrew Ebneth
I am very pleased with the hairpiece

I am very pleased with the hairpiece I purchased from your company. It looks fantastic and I have not cut it yet.

Thanks so much for the quality product

Testimonial By: David Atkinson

Hi guys,  Unbelievable. I ordered the Rapid Release spray from Walker yesterday afternoon (dealing with very stubborn solvent residu on one of my wigs) and found the package this morning at my door step. I live in Nova Scotia, Canada so didn't expect it for another 5 days or so. Just want to say a big thank you!! I was already amazingly surprised at the very affordable prices (usually things seem to 3 times as much as in the US) and now again by the ridiculously fast shipping. Will buy all my wig supplies from you from now on (no more waiting weeks for a tape from ebay!). I wish I'd known about you months ago! Thanks so much!
Hi olivia, My husband recently orded your silicone wig in colour 28 for me and it is beautifull!! It ws shipped on the 20th and i received it in Australia today the 23rd , your customer service is excellent!! I am so glad i found your company and look forward to buying another in the very near future. Thankyou so much for such a beautifully constructed wig and your  excellent customer service:) Regards Maria W.
It's a shame people are spending sooo much money for inferior service than what you supply!!!
I've been wearing hair for 25 years. Before I found you I was paying approx $400/ month  $4800/ year.
I just CAINT afford that anymore , and the hairpieces weren't 1/2 as nice as yours 
I just spoke to Maureen; I was trying to find someone near me to cut my hairpiece in.
I couldn't find anyone.
I decided to use your cutting services ( I don't know why I didn't let you cut the systems before )
Please thank Moreen!!!
I just spoke to her, she was very patient, we went over pictures that I emailed .
I know she understand everything I wanted !!
It's a shame people are spending sooo much money for inferior service than what you supply
Thank ; Moreen, and your entire staff for me.
Loosing your hair is a traumatic thing; and people just CAINT afford theses places that charge thousands of dollars!!!
I only hope you grow and grow!!!!!
 I can confirm it really is a superhairpiece and it is the best one I have worn in my 40+years of wearing hairpieces.

Just to let you know that since I started wearing your superhairpiece I can confirm it really is a superhairpiece and it is the best one I have worn in my 40+years of wearing hairpieces.Congratulations – I will be wearing yours in future and will be ordering some more shortly. Thanks for all your support in the stray packages etc. Much appreciated.By the way can you please tell me which TAPE is the best for the type of base you have. I have found some of my own from HAIR DIRECT but just wondered what you would advise.Wishing you a very good day.With best wishes,


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