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5 Bridgerton Wigs We Are Obsessed With

5 Bridgerton Wigs We Are Obsessed With

Posted by Santana Fell on 2024 Jun 11th

In the dazzling world of the Regal Era, "Bridgerton," it wasn't just the extravagant costumes, complex characters, and vibrant setting that captured our hearts. But the sweeping romantic pairings and exquisite array of exotic wigs in intricate hairstyles have garnered all our attention.

The ongoing Netflix sensation has fans eagerly awaiting season 3, part 2. The interim is filled with obsessing over the storyline between Penelope and Colin, even though the books already tell it all

Bridgerton has become synonymous with redefining period drama through its colourful storytelling, diverse cast, and, perhaps most memorably, fashion. The Regal Era series has got us gripped all right!

Women worldwide are searching for the best Bridgeton wigs and hairstyles and trying to recreate their contemporary equivalent. Whether you're a dedicated fan or a curious onlooker, there's no denying the allure of Bridgerton's meticulously crafted wigs. Let's dive into five stunning wigs from the show that have left us utterly obsessed.

1. Daphne Bridgerton's Ethereal Updos

Daphne Bridgerton's Wig

Daphne Bridgerton's hair is essential to her charisma as the embodiment of noble poise, grace and elegance. Like a white Swan, she encapsulates all with her soft charm and ethereal beauty. Her delicate, romantic updos are crowned with floral and feathery accessories, perfectly encapsulating the innocence and beauty of royal fashion. These hairstyles are not just a testament to Daphne's character but also an inspiration for anyone looking to add a touch of sophistication to their look.

2. Queen Charlotte's Regal Headdresses

Queen Charlotte's Wig

Queen Charlotte’s wigs are a vision of regal power and nothing short of spectacular. Towering, meticulously designed, crafted to perfection, and adorned with imperial jewels, these wigs make a bold statement about her status and fashion-forward styles. Queen Charlotte’s wigs are a feast for the eyes, showcasing the height of Bridgerton's hairstyling creativity and craftsmanship. Her lavish coiffures give us some of the series's most extravagant and eye-catching hairstyles. Each appearance she makes is a masterclass in flamboyance, making her one of the most visually captivating characters on the show. It's not wrong to say that Queen Charlotte’s magnanimous wigs have their own story to tell.

3. Eloise Bridgerton's Simple Yet Chic Styles

Eloise Bridgerton's Wig

Eloise's hairstyles resonate with her rebellious and independent spirit. Her more understated yet effortlessly chic hairdos stand in contrast to her peers' and siblings' more ornate styles, reflecting her desire to pave her own path. From loose waves to simple buns and the trending Fringe, Eloise's hair reflects her modern sensibilities trapped in a Regency world. They, of course, complimented her beautiful feathers, bringing out the best in her character.

4. Penelope Featherington’s Modern Wigs

Penelope Featherington’s Wig

In the opulent world of "Bridgerton," Penelope Featherington stands out with her distinctive character and vibrant wigs that match her bold yet secretive personality. Often seen in bright, eye-catching colours that mirror her family's love for vibrant colours, Penelope's hairstyles are a mix of elegance and whimsy, encapsulating her transition from a wallflower to a woman with agency and secrets of her own. Her hair, adorned with floral accents and soft curls, subtly reflects her inner turmoil and growth, offering an external glimpse into her complex journey. Through Penelope's evolving hairstyles, "Bridgerton" showcases the character's unique sense of style and her progression in the storyline, making her wigs an integral part of her character's narrative and the show's aesthetic charm.

5. Marina Thompson's Elegant Curls

Marina Thompson's Wig

Marina Thompson brought the series a fresh, youthful vibe, complemented by her beautifully natural curls, accentuated by wigs that made them stand out even more. Her hair, often adorned with flowers or ribbons, encapsulates the young woman's innocence and complex journey. Marina's wigs are vital to her visual appeal and reflect her character's emotional and social intricacies. We see her wigs becoming subtler as she becomes a mother, showing a gentler side to her rather than the strong-minded, defiant Marina who did not care for social rules in Bridgerton, season 1

The Bridgerton Universe has undeniably set a new standard for period drama hairstyling, with each character's wig showcasing a unique story. These wigs are a feast for the eyes and a rich source of inspiration for hairstylists and fashion enthusiasts globally. There's no denying the incredible impact and obsession that these Bridgerton wigs have sparked, and we are more than happy to indulge!

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