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5 reasons why toupee hair systems are not wigs

5 reasons why toupee hair systems are not wigs

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2022 Sep 22nd

Among the many repetitive comments we receive on our TikTok channel is the fact that our male clients are not wearing toupees or hair systems, but rather, wigs. This is an understandable comment, especially for those who are genuinely being serious when they believe these hair systems are wigs.

Hair systems are relatively new to the world of hair replacement as far as being an acceptable solution. And in general, most people assume any hairpiece to be a wig, simply because that’s the general term that has been used for decades both in real life and in any form of media. With that said, hair systems and wigs are not the same, and this blog will look at five major differences between the two.

#1 Wigs are for the entire scalp

full cap wigs

First and foremost, the biggest difference between wigs and hair systems are the areas of the head they cover. It may seem like it, but hair systems do not cover the entire scalp. They mainly cover the front hairline and the top of the scalp. These are the areas where men tend to lose their hair the most due to male pattern baldness. In most cases, men dealing with balding usually retain the hair on the sides and back of their head. And so, toupees cover the bald areas while blending with the remaining natural hair to create a natural-looking full head of hair for the client. Even if one does not have much hair on the back and sides of their head, they can still wear a hair system as discussed in one of our Expert Talks episodes.

Wigs, on the other hand, cover the entire scalp. As a result, they are ideal for men and women who have extreme hair loss, are dealing with Alopecia totalis, or are undergoing chemotherapy. However, they can still be worn by those who still have their hair remaining and simply want to try out different hairstyles and colors. In that case, they would have to tie up their hair into a braid and/or wear a wig cap. Another thing to note is that since there is no blending required, wigs carry lengthier hair, so whenever you see someone with long hair and they’re wearing a hairpiece, it is a wig more often than not.

#2 You require adhesives or clips for a hair system

attach hair system

With a hair system, you will need to apply it with an adhesive. The most popular methods are undoubtedly tape and wig glue, both of which can also be combined to provide a more secure hold for the hairpiece on the scalp. Superhairpieces provides a number of glues and tapes from industry-leading brands.

Alternatively, hair system wearers can opt to attach their units with clips if they have plenty of hair remaining and prefer an easier attachment that is more for daily use rather than weekly or monthly. The main point is that you can’t just simply slip on a hair system like a hat. The process will take 15-30 minutes at the least.

When it comes to wigs, they can certainly be attached with glue, tape or clips as well if the wearer prefers a more secure hold. However, most wigs can also be worn without the use of any adhesives or clips as they can simply be slipped on similar to a hat. This is thanks to silicon strips and adjustable hooks most of our wigs for women carry that allow the hairpiece to fit snugly and securely onto the scalp.

#3 Wigs are for daily use resulting in a longer lifespan

Wig lifespan

Wigs are mainly meant to be worn for daily use. That means one shouldn’t wear a wig for long periods of time as this will increase the wear and tear on the hairpiece and ultimately reduce its lifespan. This is also one reason why wigs tend to last longer and can be worn for up to a year with the proper maintenance.

Hair systems, meanwhile, can be worn non-stop for weekly and monthly use, though they can also be worn daily as well. The particular period of time depends on the type of base. It should also be noted that the hair system should be removed at least once a week for maintenance as well. But with that said, the main point to take away is that you can wear a hair system for long periods of time without removing it whereas you cannot do the same with a wig. But because they are worn for longer periods of time, hair systems don’t tend to last long unless you’re wearing monofilament hair systems which are the most durable.

#4 Not recommended to sleep with wigs on, but you can with a hair system

sleep with wigs

Expanding on the previous point, since wigs are for daily use, that means it is highly recommended not to sleep with them on. Once you’re done wearing your wig for the day, you should remove it and store it in a proper way.

That’s not to say you cannot sleep with wigs on because you definitely can. However, since wigs tend to have lengthier hair than hair systems, it is more prone to tangling and shedding while you’re sleeping and will see its lifespan reduced if you make it a regular practice.

With a hair system, you can definitely sleep with it on, especially when you’re wearing disposable hairpieces like thin skin poly systems. However, you also have the choice of removing it at the end of the day if you want to give your scalp a chance to breathe and have the time to do this on a regular basis. Going back to our earlier point, clips make this a more ideal lifestyle than if you were attaching your hair system with glue or tape.

#5 You can take showers with a hair system, not a wig

showers with a hair system

When it comes to the washing of your wig, you will have to do it outside the shower. That’s because the force of the water coming from a shower head can loosen the hair knots and result in your wig hair shedding. Instead, you will have to wash and maintain it in your sink or a bowl large enough to fit your hairpiece. To learn how to wash your wig correctly, you can refer to the following video:

Hair systems, meanwhile, can be worn while you’re taking a shower. However, there are precautions you need to take while you also need to make sure you’re following the right practices and using the right products. If you want to learn how to take a shower with a hair system properly, Superhairpieces store manager Tara provides some tips below in this Expert Talks episode:

Our hairpieces are gender neutral!

Of course, another big difference between hair systems and wigs is that those who identify as men mainly wear the former while those who identify as women mainly wear the latter, which is explained further in our first point. But that doesn’t necessarily mean they are gender-restricted.. There are full cap wigs for men for those who prefer to have longer hair or have complete hair loss. Likewise, women can also wear toupees, though it’s not as common as men wearing wigs. Not to mention, those in the LGBTQIA community can also choose from our various hairpieces.

Whatever your requirements and needs are, we’ll be sure to give you the perfect hair that you’ve been dreaming of. Book an online consultation with us and if you’re in the Greater Toronto Area, you can visit our Mississauga location for all your installation, styling and maintenance needs!


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