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7 Must-Have Products for Women’s Wig Wearers

7 Must-Have Products for Women’s Wig Wearers

Posted by Santana Fell on 2024 May 29th

Women’s wigs have become a fashion staple in the beauty arsenal of almost every famous celebrity, including the girl next door. If you were only to pay closer attention, you would know we are not exaggerating when we say this!

No, we are not talking about chunky, larger-than-life Bridgerton-inspired wigs from the early 1800s. Think big, voluminous, natural-looking wigs like Superhairpieces’ Women’s Wigs, which are so undetectable that even your best friend would not believe you are wearing one.

Wigs have long been used to enhance one’s beauty and effortlessly change women’s hairstyles without them having to commit to a permanently damaging change. Whether for fashion, convenience, necessity or simply to reflect your personal style, women’s wigs are in demand and rightfully so!

If you are a women’s wig wearer, you know what we are talking about. Don't you just love the instant boost of confidence you get by dawning those flawless hairpieces?

We all can simultaneously agree that maintaining your women’s wig is key to its lustrous look and longevity.

Here are the top 7 essential products every wig-wearing woman needs to maintain her wig's beauty:

Wig Stand

Wig Stand

A wig stand is the first and most essential thing you need to keep your hairpiece in shape.

Women’s wigs can be easily attached and removed, so sleeping in them is not an option unless deemed necessary. So, what do you do when you remove your wig at night? Do you throw it on the side table or roll it into a drawer? If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, you are doing it all wrong.

It is beyond crucial to properly store your wig when not wearing it. The right way to keep your wig in good shape is to place it on a wig stand when not in use. Not only does it help maintain the wig's shape, but it also prevents tangles.

A wig stand is especially important for drying your wig after washing. It allows air to circulate through the wig, promoting faster and more efficient drying without damaging the fibres.

Wig Cap

Wig Cap

Wearing a wig cap is not always necessary but is highly recommended, especially if you have some bio hair.

Using a lightweight, skin-toned wig cap under your human hair wig can keep your hairpiece in place, provide a smooth surface for the wig to sit on, and help to absorb sweat, thereby protecting the wig's base. For those with sensitive scalps, a wig cap can also provide a barrier between the wig material and your skin, making your wig-wearing experience even more comfortable.



The PPI At Ease Cover-Up is a safe, water-resistant touch-up colouring system. Using this product is the easiest and quickest way to fix your bleached front hairline and remove that extra cm of prominent yellowish colour, a dead giveaway for an alternative hair user.

The PPI At Ease is a miracle worker for getting dark roots or covering greys to make your wig more natural-looking. It works great for women’s wigs, hair toppers, and natural hair. Its small mascara-like no-mess brush glides effortlessly through human and synthetic hair. You can't go wrong with its smudge-proof formula that gives the perfect temporary coverage and washes out with shampoo.

Using this unique product is extremely simple. Take the PPI At Ease brush and back brush your roots from the centre out or bottom to top. You can brush and roll in several parting lines for even coverage. Work your way through the hair strands or dab in specific spots to cover the area. Allow it to dry for about 5 minutes before you brush your hair for a more blended, realistic look, and you're good to go.

Detangler & Cuticle Sealer

Bonfi Natural

No one wants a tangled, unkept wig. It defeats the whole purpose of wearing a hairpiece. The Bonfi Natural Oil Free Wig Shine Detangler & Cuticle Sealer is the answer your wig has been seeking.

Designed to keep your wig's shine and lustre intact without leaving any oily residue, this enriching hair care solution effortlessly eliminates tough knots, allowing for smooth, easy combing. It works to deeply nourish and effectively seal hair cuticles, minimizing frizz and preventing damage to your valuable tresses.

This product offers a light, non-greasy gloss, ensuring your wig remains impeccable and full of life, complemented by a delightful scent that banishes any odours from sweat or stale wigs. Indulge in the luxury of consistently perfect and vibrant wigs.

Wig Shampoo and Conditioner

Wig Shampoo and Conditioner

Regular hair products can be too harsh for human hair wigs for women or even synthetic ones, leading to damage and a shortened lifespan. That's why investing in a specialized wig shampoo and wig conditioner is essential. These products are specifically designed to gently cleanse and condition the hair without stripping away vital moisture, keeping your wig looking soft, shiny, and as natural as possible.

Wide-Tooth Comb or Wig Brush

Wig Brush

A wide-tooth comb or a wig brush is essential for detangling and styling your wig without causing damage. Unlike regular brushes or combs, these tools are specially designed to gently detangle synthetic or human hair fibres without pulling or snagging. Starting from the ends and working your way up to the roots can minimize damage and keep your wig looking smooth and tangle-free.

Heat Protectant Spray

Heat Protectant Spray

If you own a human hair wig and like to use heat styling tools, a heat protectant spray is a must. This product helps to shield the wig fibres from heat damage, ensuring that your wig maintains its shine, texture, and integrity even after styling. Remember to use a low heat setting and apply the spray evenly throughout the wig before using any heat tools.

A little care goes a long way in maintaining the quality and appearance of your wig, allowing you to wear it with confidence and style.

Indulge in wig care products today!

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