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Advantage and Disadvantage of human hair wigs

Advantage and Disadvantage of human hair wigs

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2020 Dec 23rd

Advantage and Disadvantage of human hair wigs

There is a growing need of having more and more human hair wigs in the market. Many women are now looking for women’s wigs that are going to provide them with the most natural-looking hair system out there. So natural that it would be hard to tell that they are even wearing a hair system. It definitely can make a statement.

Let’s further discuss the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing a human hair wig.

What are the most Common Human hair types used at Superhairpieces?

The main sources of human hair are Indian, Chinese and European hair. The most produced hair is Indian and/or Chinese hair. Both hair textures are soft to the touch and the durability of the two is the main difference.

Chinese hair can withstand chemical processes and heat much better than Indian hair. Indian hair has a fine texture that is similar to the majority of wig wearers who are currently thinning. Chinese hair although durable is thick and with many hairs occupying a wig it can look and feel too bulky. Both hair types however are about average in cost and it increases with the better quality available.

The last hair type commonly used in the hair replacement industry is European hair. European hair has a very soft, fine texture that is much more durable than Indian hair. It’s like having a combination of the best features of these hair types. Due to its reputation, having European hair is quite costly mainly due to the high quality and the scarcity of the hair. Not many European hairs is available to the market like the other hair types. However, there is a downfall to European hair. It is hard to remove the red undertones. Therefore, if you find that your hair is more of a neutral or cooler tone you may struggle to wear a women’s wig made with European hair.

Overall when it comes to hair types, it really depends on the quality and texture you are trying to achieve. But let’s get into more depth on what to consider when choosing a wig.

Main Factors to consider when purchasing a human hair wig

When purchasing a wig, here are a few points to consider before making a big decision.

Hairstyle - will you be styling your wig often or do you prefer just buying one already styled? Hair texture - determine your hair texture and whether you want to maintain that quality or find something different to the touch

Cost - quality, durability, natural-looking - these factors play a role in how much a wig can actually cost you. If you want quality, durability, with the most natural-looking hair system out there, be prepared to pay the high cost associated.

Lifestyle - your lifestyle can actually affect the wig you purchase. If you are an active person, you might want to find a wig durable to withstand the wear. Do you often toss and turn at night? Then you might want to consider purchasing a wig that you can take off and on easily before bed. Are you a swimmer? Do you live in a hot climate? These things do affect the longevity of the wig and you might want to consult with a professional to figure out which options would be best suited for your lifestyle.

What are the advantages of human hair wigs?

Advantages of human hair wigs are that it’s human and therefore really mimics what your own hair would actually look and feel like. It will move the same as your own hair which allows more flexibility when it comes to styling the wig. You can cut, dye, curl, and straighten if you like.

Another advantage is that Premium hair will actually last quite a long time. Especially if maintained correctly. You can even revive the hair with hair masks and hair treatments like you would with your own hair.

What are the disadvantages of human hair wigs?

The texture may differ every time. Since human hair is usually processed to get the desired colour it is tough to determine the quality and/or the undertone colour until the hair is actually processed. Just like the uniqueness of an individual person, their hair comes with variances as well. However, typically factories have a good eye to remove the bad from the good, but with thousands of strands to work with it can be difficult to get each bad batch.

The cost to purchase a human hair wig can be extremely expensive. Especially, when the quality takes into account. The more premium the quality, the higher the cost.

human hair wigs


Purchasing a human hair wig does have quite some factors to consider. However, it is becoming more and more of a popular choice. With different styles to choose from, and the amazing ability to customize it, it’s no wonder that it’s the perfect choice for just about anyone!

At Superhairpieces we offer stock women’s full cap wigs and toppers all in human hair. We also offer the ability to customize your own wig to suit your style.

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