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Beat the Heat with the Perfect Hair Systems For Summer

Beat the Heat with the Perfect Hair Systems For Summer

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2023 May 30th

Embrace this Summer’s warmth, sunshine, and outdoor activities with confidence and style by switching up your men’s hair system to get a refreshed, comfortable, secure and uber-stylish look.

As the scorching summer heat approaches, it's time to explore the different hair systems that can help you look and stay cool. Choosing the correct type of non-surgical hair replacement system for men offers comfort and enables men to withstand the challenges of the hot summer days. Human hair systems are part of the daily lifestyle for many men who suffer from thinning hair, hair loss, balding patches, and receding hairlines due to androgenic alopecia, male pattern baldness, or other medical conditions. So, as we adjust and adapt our clothes to suit the different seasons, we must also change our human hair system bases.

The same hair unit can not be used for all seasons. Don't mistake this for not getting the same look. Oh no, you can get the exact look. Still, you only need a different base material to help you feel more comfortable during the balmy weather while protecting you from slippage or other embarrassing situations. With rising temperatures and increased humidity, finding the right hair system for men becomes essential for individuals looking to maintain their confidence and keep their hair looking great.

These 3 types of hair systems are perfect innovative solutions for combating the summer heat:

Lace Hair Systems

Lace hair systems are among men's most popular hair system bases as they are crafted to have immense breathability and provide a natural appearance with their delicate lace materials that mimic the appearance of a natural scalp.

We have two much-loved lace base systems - Men’s French lace toupees and wigs and Swiss lace human hair systems for men. The essential advantage of these lace base hair systems is their exceptionally thin base that allows full breathability, making them perfect for warmer climates. The tiny holes or grids on the lace provide air circulation, preventing excess sweat and discomfort while keeping your scalp cool and minimizing the risk of excessive perspiration, which can lead to odour or irritation.

Nothing can beat lace hair systems when it comes to a natural-looking hairpiece for men. They provide a realistic hairline, creating a seamless and undetectable look. These systems feature a delicate lace base that mimics the scalp, allowing for better airflow to the hair and skin.

These fantastic features make our Remy human hair lace base systems ideal for those seeking a lightweight, water-resistant design with comfortable ventilation options during the summer months. They are available in various styles, colors, and densities with different grey perfectages to give individuals their desired look.

Some of our top-selling lace hair systems are -



Our medium-density full French Lace hair system for men gives a breathable and natural look and has shallow contours to suit the shape of your hairline.



This Swiss Lace toupee is super comfortable, delicate, breathable and natural looking, with 100% light to medium-light density in the front and 90% light density through the rest for hairstyles requiring more front volume.

Lace with Poly Hair Systems

Lace front hair systems give the ultimate natural-looking hairlines. When you get a base combining lace with poly, you can enjoy the benefits of both materials for a breathable, secure, and natural-looking base.

The front hairline and most of the base is made of lace, providing a breathable, realistic look and allowing for easy styling. In contrast, the back of the base is constructed with poly for a firm and secure hold and enhanced durability, making it ideal for active individuals during the summer months, protecting the hair system from wear and tear, and increasing its longevity.

The poly material is also water-resistant, enabling you to enjoy water-based activities without worrying about damage or adhesive weakening. The poly helps protect adhesives from melting during the hot summers and getting into the hair. People can also lift the frontal portions to reapply adhesives without removing the entire hair unit. This hair unit makes it easier to style the hair away from the face to achieve many trending looks.

If you want to make the lace base more natural looking, you can use the silicon melting tape on the lace base, where the part line may be, to give it a natural scalp appearance.

Some of our top-selling lace with poly hair systems are -



The M106 men’s toupee uses super soft French lace material for a natural look throughout the scalp. It also has 1'' of poly painting across the back for easy attachment, maintenance and removal. It also has an extra 10% hair density in the front, allowing for styling options such as spiky hair.



The Swiss lace poly back men’s hairpiece is a lace front hair system with a 1" width clear poly painting from temple to temple and across the back for a durable, comfortable, realistic look and feel.

Monofilament Base with Poly Perimeter Hair Systems

Hair systems have come a long way in terms of quality and appearance. These mono-base with poly perimeter human hair systems are crafted to closely mimic your scalp, offering a natural-looking human hair experience.

Poly all-around hair systems are designed with a base known for their durability and water resistance. The poly material creates a secure bond, making it perfect for those with an active lifestyle or individuals engaging in water-related summer activities.

The water-resistant nature of poly hair systems ensures that they remain intact, even when exposed to sweat, humidity, or water. They also protect the hair strands from the melting glue penetrating the base and reaching the hair. Poly all-around systems provide the flexibility to style your hair in any direction due to their complete polyurethane construction.

Some of our top-selling mono with poly perimeter hair systems are:



The M104 men's toupee also provides a realistic appearance which is exactly what you would want as a hair system user. With a 1'' French lace front that has 1/4'' filled with hair, this unit has an undetectable hairline and is durable and easy to attach with the poly skin on the sides. The monofilament silk also provides comfortable summer wear.



The M100 is a monofilament silk top hair system with 1” of clear poly on the edges and a small scallop front. The base size of this unit is 6.5"x 8.5," and it has a medium hair density of 120%. It has medium to long durability, provides an excellent natural hairline and is easy to attach and remove.

All these summer wear base materials allow versatile styling options. Whether you prefer a swept-back hairstyle, a ponytail, or a pompadour, these systems allow you to experiment with different looks, all while maintaining a natural appearance.

With proper care and maintenance, you can confidently enjoy the summer months while looking and feeling your best with these exceptional hair system options. Remember, selecting the ideal hair system for the summer requires considering your preferences, lifestyle, and budget. Consult our professional hairstylist to explore the options that best suit your needs. Embrace the summer with confidence and enjoy the season with a fabulous hairstyle that withstands the heat!

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