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Choose The Perfect Color For Your Hair Topper Like A Pro!

Choose The Perfect Color For Your Hair Topper Like A Pro!

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2023 Apr 14th

Did you find the right match yet? We aren't talking about soulmates here. Nu-uh! There is something more important than that - your hair. As if receding hairlines and visible bald patches weren't enough of a misery already, the stress of finding the right colored hair topper to match your bio hair is a whole different ball game.

Experimenting with new hair topper colors can be fun. Still, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money trying out several different hair topper colors online only to be disappointed. Well, we’re here to make life a tad bit simpler for you.

Finding the right topper color that perfectly matches your hair color doesn't have to be challenging. We know that navigating a sea of possibilities at your fingertips can be quite a task, so here are a few tips to keep in mind for choosing the perfect color for your hair topper like a pro!

Color Ring

Color Ring

The most important factor to remember when choosing a color for your hair topper is to ensure it matches your natural hair. However, what you see online is different from what you get. The screen’s brightness and saturation can affect how you view the colors. So, it's always better to order a color ring before purchasing. This will allow you to match it with your bio hair and give you a realistic idea of the color that's a perfect match.

At Superhairpieces, we encourage you to get the best color match for your hair toppers. When you purchase the color ring, you can match it to your hair color, and feel the texture of our high-quality human hair. After which, the women's color ring can also be returned for a refund within 14 days of purchase. However, the ring must be in its original condition for a refund.

Choose a color one shade lighter or darker than your bio hair

Have you ever noticed that your natural hair is slightly lighter on the crown area than the rest or ends? This is due to sun damage. Since you need to place the hair topper above your natural hair, it is perfectly fine to get a hair topper color that's one shade lighter than your natural hair shade.

Choose correct shade of hair

If you want to add volume towards the bottom of your head, use a hair topper darker than your bio hair. It is usual for the hair at the nape of our neck to be slightly darker than the top of the head. Many females have darker roots than the lengths and ends of their hair, so you can choose the color accordingly depending on where you want to add your hair topper.


Rooting is key to making your hair topper look as natural as possible. If your hair topper still needs to be rooted, then get it done as soon as you get your hairpiece. You are good to go if your root color matches the hair topper’s. Since the rooting will not fade, you don't need to worry about touch-ups or covering your bio hair’s graying roots.


If you are still looking for the right color hair topper with us, you can always dye your hair topper professionally to match your bio hair. Hair toppers’ partial coverage gives you the advantage of not investing too much time or effort in making it the perfect match for yourself. You can also order a custom-made hair topper from us to get the desired shade that closely aligns with yours. Adding highlights or lowlights is also a great way to help blend a topper into your natural hair.

Consider your skin tone

It is always a good idea to make your hair topper color complement your skin tone to get the best look for yourself. If you're fair-skinned, go for deeper browns or caramels. Cool skin tones with brown eyes should try intense shades like platinum blonde, auburn, or off-black. You can also opt for a sun-kissed hair color or a ginger blonde shade to accentuate your facial features.

Those with warm skin undertones will find coppery-gold tones the most flattering. You can also try medium to light ash brown or dark blonde shades. If you want to make a statement, go for burgundy with sharp raspberry accents. You can go for ombre-coloured hair or reddish-browns for a radiant look.

Neutral-skin people are lucky in the context of hair colors as almost any colored hair topper would go well with their skin tone.

No matter the color of your hair topper, always choose high-quality Remy human hair toppers for the most natural-looking seamless look.

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