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Comparison of the LW7914 and SW6814 - Center Parting

Comparison of the LW7914 and SW6814 - Center Parting

Posted by Cindy on 2024 Jan 22nd

As a trailblazer in the industry, Superhairpieces has consistently redefined the standards of quality, style, and innovation. We explore the intricacies of cutting-edge women's hair pieces designed to empower and elevate your client’s style. Whether your client is seeking a bold new look or a subtle enhancement, Superhairpieces has something extraordinary in store for every woman ready to embrace her unique beauty.

In today's blog, we are going to dive into two of the newest toppers in our women's line: The LW7914 & SW6814.

These exclusive human hair toppers serve as our sole central focal points, making it a significant challenge to alter the parting due to the knots being ventilated in a specific direction along the parting line. It is not advisable to trim bangs on these hair toppers. Both units measure 14 inches in hair length, feature a high density of 130%, and are styled with a 32mm slight wave.

Now let’s look at the comparisons:

poly cenre parting chart

Size Comparison:

The LW7914 boasts dimensions approximately 1” larger all around compared to the SW6814. Specifically, the LW7914 is a 7x9, while the SW6814 measures 6x8. It's worth noting that the SW6814 allows for a reduction of about half an inch due to its 1” poly perimeter, a flexibility that the LW7914 does not possess.

Base Construction:

The LW7914 features a 1” French Lace front and incorporates French Lace in the parting line. It presents a machine weft center-sewn onto French lace material, delivering a more authentic appearance in contrast to the SW6814.

On the other hand, the SW6814 boasts a 1” Poly perimeter and a poly center parting line. Alongside the machine weft center and an inner silk layer for comfort, the SW6814 is specifically engineered for enhanced durability compared to the LW7914.

Finally, the LW7914 features a CC contour, catering to individuals with rounder and wider face shapes, while the SW6814, with its A-shaped design, is tailored for those with narrower faces.

Attachment Method:

sewn-in clips for attachment clip

The LW7914 features sewn-in clips for attachment and a poly tab at the back to accommodate an additional clip for added security or adhesive. The front lace allows for a natural appearance and can also be attached using adhesive-like tape. As the LW7914 utilizes clips for attachment, it's important to have enough natural hair on the sides for the clips to fasten securely. Additionally, the parting line can be taped down for extra stability.

For the SW6814, clips can also be added to the sides and back, but its primary attachment method is adhesive. This implies that the top must be either shaved or bald for the SW6814 to attach securely. Adhesive can be applied at the front, parting, and the 1” perimeter, but caution must be taken to avoid the weft/inner silk layer altogether.

Overall, both toppers are designed and built to provide a more natural look to center-parting hairstyles. The more traditional toppers require a lot of styling to adjust the front to have a center parting line.

To summarize, the LW7914 and SW6814 exhibit unique characteristics in both design and attachment approaches. The LW7914, featuring a 1” French Lace, provides a remarkably natural appearance and convenient sewn-in clips for attachment. Conversely, the SW6814 incorporates a 1” Poly perimeter and is specifically crafted for a more permanent adhesive attachment, emphasizing increased durability.

In addition, the LW7914, designed with a CC contour, caters to individuals with rounded and wider face shapes, covering a larger area. In contrast, the SW6814, characterized by its A-shaped design, is ideal for those with narrower faces. These distinctions empower your clients to choose options that best suit their preferences, facial shapes, and preferred attachment methods.

Explore more about our diverse range of women's hairpieces at Superhairpieces Canada. Visit now for detailed information and discover the perfect solution for your clients’ needs!

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