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Difference Between Premade and Hand-made Volume Fans

Difference Between Premade and Hand-made Volume Fans

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2021 Jan 3rd

Difference Between Premade and Hand-made Volume Fans

Having a few lash technicians reach out to us, wondering when we’re going to receive more volume “fans” has really got us wondering what the hype is all about. In the past volume fans were made on the spot as the technician would work their way through their clients. So what has changed?! Of course, we dove deeper into the topic and found out that convenience plays a huge role. But can convenience provide the same quality as the handmade custom fans that some lash technicians love to do?

There are a few differences between premade and handmade lashes. You can determine which method works best for you as you continue to read on.


Premade volume fans are just that - they typically are made by a manufacturer before it is bought by a technician. The application is very similar to applying a single lash. Premade fans allow you to apply the extension on a single lash without creating an extra step of making the fans as the client is on the lash bed. This is of course the most convenient and quickest method of application when doing volume lashes. But there are a few things to consider before buying pre-made fans. Are they the style you are looking to achieve? Is the weight of the lashes too heavy that it affects the lash health of your client.

With premade volume fans, you cannot determine how much glue is added onto the lash from the manufacturer’s side. In the case of the technician’s side, you would be using twice as much glue - the glue to hold the pre-made fans and then to glue on the client’s lash. Where as for handmade volume fans, you would only apply the glue once the fan has been created and ready to be placed on the client.

Premade Volume Fans


Handmade volume fans is a technique that was first introduced when volume lash was a thing. The lash technician would create the volume lashes right on the tray, dip it into the glue, and then apply right away on the client’s lashes. This, of course, took a long time to do but the lashes were tailored to the client’s natural lash. You can create and achieve any look while working on the client, rather than pre-determining their look using pre-made fans.

There is also an inconsistency issue as well with handmade fans. Each volume set of lashes may differ in size and quantity. That the next appointment may look different each time.

If you compare the photo below with the one above, you can see how inconsistent the handmade lashes look. However, it is customized and tailored to your client's look.

Handmade Volume Fans


Overall, it’s all about preference and of course skill level. There are many lash technicians who continue to use the older method of creating handmade volume fans during their applications and are highly skilled that it takes them the same amount of time to apply as they would with pre-made. While other lash technicians (more so the newer generations) have converted to the premade lashes as a way to save more time. There are clients that will pay extra to achieve a volume look in less time.

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