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Digital Consultations: Navigating Wig Colors for Every Skin Tone

Digital Consultations: Navigating Wig Colors for Every Skin Tone

Posted by Cindy on 2024 Jan 23rd

In the age of digital convenience, virtual consultations are gaining traction, particularly for those hesitant to visit a hair replacement studio in person. Amidst the abundance of wig choices, selecting the perfect hair colour for your client's skin tone becomes a significant challenge, especially with online platforms. While your understanding of the color wheel as a stylist is crucial, enlightening your clients on this aspect empowers them to make informed decisions.

Before committing to a system, first-time wig wearers often explore extensive research, making consultations crucial. Achieving the ideal color match from the outset lays the groundwork for an enduring stylist-client relationship.

Skin Tone

While offering online consultations presents an opportunity to broaden your client base, accurately assessing your client's skin tone online poses a challenge. To overcome this, assist clients in determining their skin tone at home or seamlessly integrate the process into your virtual consultations. This involvement empowers clients in decision-making, creating a seamless alignment between style and individuality.

When it comes to hair toppers and wigs, our primary emphasis is on skin tone, as it's the initial impression people have and influences which hair color complements it the best. Having a grasp of undertones is particularly beneficial when incorporating highlights or other color tones that enhance and complement the underlying tones of your client's skin.

When clients first call to book a consultation appointment, it would be best to send them a skin tone scale like the Fitzpatrick scale below and have them analyze their skin tone before meeting virtually.


Following that, guide your client to assess their undertone, helping them identify the most suitable hair shade. Conduct the vein test by having them examine the veins inside their wrist. Blue or purple veins indicate a cool undertone, while green veins suggest a warm undertone. If the veins appear blue-green, the undertone is neutral.

Alternatively, suggest the Jewelry Test: Cool undertones complement silver and platinum jewelry, while warm undertones pair well with gold. If they effortlessly wear both, they likely have a true neutral undertone. Encourage clients to make a note of these undertone characteristics before their consultation.

Once your client has identified their undertone, you can categorize it into one of the following three types:

1. Cool Undertone: Characterized by pink, red, or blue hues.
2. Warm Undertone: Characterized by yellow, peach, or gold hues.
3. Neutral Undertone: A balanced combination of cool and warm undertones.

Typically, individuals with cool skin tones are most complimented by wig hair colors featuring blue, violet, or ash undertones. These encompass various shades of blonde, brown, and black, such as platinum blonde, ash brown, and ebony black. On the other hand, warm skin tones tend to harmonize with hair colors with golden or red undertones. This palette includes shades like brown, red, blonde, honey blonde, copper brown, and auburn red.

Natural Hair Color

Observing their natural hair colour is the simplest method to determine suitable colors for your clients. It should also be a question asked before the virtual consultation. Natural hair color effortlessly integrates with their overall appearance, creating an authentic and harmonious look. Choosing a wig color that resembles their natural hair color ensures a genuine, seamless blend. For instance, opt for a wig in the same brown shade if their natural hair is dark brown. However, if you aim to introduce a stylistic change, selecting a different hair color is an option, as long as it complements their skin tone and eye color for a cohesive overall appearance.

Eye Color

hair color complement eyes

Lastly, considering your client's eye color is another vital element in selecting an appropriate wig hair color. Well-chosen hair color has the potential to enhance and accentuate their eye color. For example, if they have blue eyes, opting for a wig with warm tones such as honey blonde or auburn can highlight the blue hues in their eyes. Therefore, be mindful of this factor when deciding about their wig, ensuring a harmonious and eye-catching overall look. Be sure to provide this question in their questionnaire as well.

Once your client sends back your questionnaire, you can pick out a color to show during your virtual consultation rather than spending time during the consultation to find the perfect wig.

Below are some excellent examples of Superhairpieces Allure hair colors that perfectly complement specific wigs.

Warm Skin Tone, Blue eyes - warm toneS18 Honey Caramel

hair color complement eyes

Warm Skin Tone, Blue eyes - cool tone #S16 Honey Caramel

hair color complement eyes

Fair skin, pinky or peachy undertones with Blue or Green eyes

hair color complement eyes

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