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DIY Instant Root Touch-up To Cover Grey Hair or Get Dark Roots

DIY Instant Root Touch-up To Cover Grey Hair or Get Dark Roots

Posted by Santana Fell on 2023 Aug 4th

Colored hair amps up your appearance while giving your tresses the much-needed makeover they deserve. Whether you have colored your natural hair or are wearing a colored human hair wig, you may encounter some tiny color-related issues that need a quick fix.

Are you one of those people who find it challenging to maintain the appearance of your bleached front hairpieces? Is your light-colored hairpiece camouflaging as a bald spot in pictures or otherwise? Do you get easily bothered by the sight of pesky grey hairs and want to cover them up without causing any damage to your hair? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you should try PPI At Ease Cover-Up.

The PPI At Ease Cover-Up is a temporary grey hair fix and root touch-up solution that is perfect for those times when you are in a rush and need an on-the-go hair color fix. Its hair mascara brush glides smoothly on natural hair and human hairpieces providing the perfect coverage while keeping your hair strands moisturized and protected.

With a long-lasting, advanced moisturizing formula, PPI At Ease Cover-Up is a safe, water-resistant touch-up coloring system. It contains Vitamin E and B5 to help strengthen and protect hair from daily damage.

How PPI At Ease Cover-Up can help your natural hair or alternative human hairpieces:


Color Correction - If your highlights are too strong in some places, you can use the PPI At Ease as a color correction method to tone down the shades in certain areas. Similarly, PPI At Ease is the perfect product when you use a light-colored hair system or a hairpiece with light-coloured highlights and want to add more detailing or tweak the piece according to your needs. Just dab and blot the product in the needed areas to color correct instantly. In this way, you do not have bald-looking spots due to light-colored highlights.

Hairpieces color correction

Concealing - Using PPI At Ease to fix your bleached-front hairline and remove that extra cm of prominent yellowish color - a dead giveaway for an alternative hair user; will help camouflage the unwanted portions easily and quickly.


Dark roots - Many people prefer to add dark roots to their hairpieces to give them the natural look and feel of hair growing straight out of the roots. Not every hairpiece comes with the addition of dark roots, but that shouldn't stop you from getting what you want. PPI At Ease is a miracle worker for getting dark roots. It works great for men's hair systems, women’s toppers, wigs, and natural hair.

Grey hair

Grey coverage- Grey hair is no longer only seen in the old. It shows its shimmering face even in people as young as their early twenties. We all know how annoying that can be, but we don't have to let grey hair make us take a step back in our hair-styling game. Just brush some PPI At Ease on these strands and watch them disappear like magic. This fantastic product can instantly cover up discolored hair in hairlines, roots, beards, mustaches, and sideburns too.

You can't go wrong with its smudge-proof formula that gives the perfect temporary coverage and washes out with shampoo.

DIY with PPI At Ease Cover-Up

Using this unique product is extremely simple. Take the PPI At Ease brush and back brush your roots from the centre out, or bottom to top. You can brush and roll in several parting lines for even coverage. Work your way through the hair strands or dab in specific spots to cover the area.

Allow it to dry for about 5 minutes before you brush your hair for a more blended natural look, and you're good to go. Remember that this is a temporary color product and will only last until you shampoo your hair.

At Ease is a proven product for covering grey or discolored hair. Superhairpieces offers this product in three different browns: Brown, Medium Brown, and Grey-Brown. With an advanced, long-lasting formula that contains Vitamin E and Provitamin B5, you can expect to help strengthen and protect hair from daily damage.

This exceptional product is a game-changer when it comes to adding depth and dimension to your hair without the inconvenience or damage of traditional dyeing methods. All you have to do is apply the cover-up to your hair, and voila! You will see how it restores your hair back to vibrancy and liveliness.

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