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How To Apply & Remove I-Tip Hair Extensions Without Damaging Your Hair

How To Apply & Remove I-Tip Hair Extensions Without Damaging Your Hair

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2023 Apr 21st

Hair extensions are great for adding extra volume and length to your thinning hair. Styling your natural hair with human hair extensions can take your hair game to the next level. You could use them on special occasions or go for regular-use ones that are easy to install and remove, and no one would ever guess it's not your hair.

Hair extensions are getting quite the attention in the fashion and beauty industry, and they are now openly acknowledged in web series and movies. This kind of traction is giving people some serious FOMO, and we can't help but relate!

If you are looking for a hair extension that is versatile, durable, reusable, and non-damaging to your natural tresses, then I-tip is the way to go. They are also called stick tips or cold fusions, as they do not require heat or glue for attachment, making them safe for use. I-tips come in small bundles with a pointed I-shaped end that can be easily integrated into your natural hair.

Superhairpieces provide supreme quality, 100% human hair I-Tip extensions at different lengths ranging from 16’’ to 22’’. We currently offer I-Tip (Microlink / Cold Fusion) hair extensions with straight 3A, 4A and 5A hair, while we also have medium wavy options with 3A quality hair.

Here is a detailed procedure to use our easy-to-attach, supreme quality human hair I-tip extensions to go glam this season:

Tools needed:

Tools needed for I tip extensions

  • Microbeads (copper or silicon)
  • Plier
  • Looping tool

How to attach I-tip hair extensions

  • Section your hair, leaving a clear area of attachment where you want to place the I-tip extensions. Make sure that it is not set too high. Ideally, the mid-section of the head is apt for proper coverage and concealment.
  • Thread each microbead onto the hook part of the pulling needle.
  • Hold the hook in one hand and gently take a small section of your natural hair in the other. This section should be about 1-2mm wide. This is where you want to add the I-tip human hair extension.
  • With one hand holding the looping tool, take the strand of hair with your other hand and pull the hair through the loop. Next, slide a micro bead up the looping device catching the strand of hair. Once the micro bead touches the hair, pull the tool downwards. At the same time, push the micro bead up to allow the hair through the bead. This will place the microbead at the base of your hair strands. Avoid the microbeads touching the scalp for a seamless look and feel.
  • Take the I-tip and place it between the bead and natural hair. I-tip can be placed behind the strand or on top; however, behind the strand creates a more seamless look.
  • The small, flexible beads are clamped with the plier to secure the extension. Make sure that the extensions are naturally following the hairlines.
  • Repeat the process working upwards on the scalp in horizontal rows, leaving two fingers space between each row. Do this until you reach the horseshoe section of the head.
  • It will need reattachment after 3-4 weeks as the hair will grow out and pull down the attachment area.

How to remove I-tip hair extensions:

  • This is an easy and painless procedure that requires little time.
  • Section your hair according to the horizontal rows you made with the microbeads.
  • Start working your way upward from the bottom-most row.
  • Using the pliers, apply gentle pressure on the ends of the bead until it releases its hold and slides off easily. If you use too much pressure, the beads may tighten their grip, ultimately defeating the purpose.
  • Repeat the process until you have removed all the I-tip hair extensions.

Superhairpieces I-tip hair extensions last about 3-4 weeks (depending on your hair growth) and can be reused too. You also get to choose from a variety of color options. For a complete installation, we recommend 2-3 packs (depending on the volume needed).

Although you can install I-tip hair extensions yourself, it's always advisable to go to a certified hair extension stylist.

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