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How to clean shedding hair from your hairpiece

How to clean shedding hair from your hairpiece

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2022 Sep 26th

Even with your natural hair, you can expect to shed as many as 100 hairs a day. This is no cause for concern as far as hair loss. Shedding is completely normal and in most cases, the hair that falls is replaced by new follicles.

Just like real human hair, hairpieces like wigs, hair toppers, and hair systems also shed, but at a much higher pace in the long run. The difference is, this hair won’t grow back. With all that said, nobody likes a home with shedded hair all over the place. And if your hairpiece is shedding at a higher pace, that only makes the clean-up process that much harder. In this blog, we will be looking at ways you can clean shedding hair in various parts of your house as well as ways to reduce your hairpiece from shedding.

Excess shedding is the first sign to replace your hairpiece

It should be noted that once you’ve started to notice more hair shedding than normal, this is the first sign that you will need to replace your hairpiece. It might still be in great condition and the hair quality as a whole might still be healthy and strong, but having thinning or bald patches in certain areas as a result of shedding defeats the purpose of wearing a hairpiece.

“You’ll notice when there’s bald patches, it needs to be replaced obviously because you won’t be able to hide any of the hair [loss],” says Superhairpieces stylist Christina.

It’s natural to want to sustain a hairpiece for as long as you can, especially when most of the unit still remains in good shape. However, you also always want a full head of hair and it just won’t look natural if there’s a bald spot on one corner of your scalp. And unfortunately, shedding will only increase as your hairpiece undergoes wear and tear from daily use. The main point to take away from here is to replace your hair system whenever you notice excess shedding. This will also make your job of cleaning up any shedded hair easier.

Cleaning shedding hair on your floor

shedding hair on your floor

The most obvious answer here is to use a vacuum cleaner, but that can get cumbersome, especially when you have to go to every nook and cranny on your floor. Instead, use a rubber broom. It can be tempting to use the standard traditional broom, but rubber brooms do a much more effective job when it comes to attracting dust and all that shedded hair on your floor. You can pile up all the hair and use your vacuum cleaner to get rid of it.

That’s not to say you can’t solely use a vacuum cleaner either. While rubber brooms can be great for collecting a lot of hair at once and cleaning it up from one area, it can be hard to get hair from hard-to-reach spots like the corners of your rooms. Not to mention, it’s a lot more manual work. In this case, you can invest in a high-quality vacuum cleaner. It may be a lot of money, but it’s worth the investment when you see how a fancy vacuum makes your life easier. Even better is a cordless fancy vacuum that will more than certainly make the clean-up process a lot easier and in some cases, more enjoyable.

Cleaning shedding hair in your shower

shedding hair in your shower

One of the most common places to find shedding hair is in your shower. After all, water and shampoo can expedite your hair shedding. However, this can be a problem if it starts to get all over your shower area and even worse, ends up clogging your drain. Luckily, there's one solution prior to showering, and that's combing your hair before you enter the shower. This will not only detangle your hair, but also helps reduce shedding in the shower when you eventually clean your hair with shampoo.

For any shedding on the bathroom floor before you enter your shower, you can use your trust fancy (and preferably cordless) vacuum. As for your shower, consider investing in a hair trap or hair catcher for your shower drain. This will not only make it easier to collect all your shedding hair in one spot, but will also help you know when your hairpiece is shedding more than usual. If you notice more hair in your shower trap than there was a week before, it could be a sign your hairpiece is ready to be replaced.

Cleaning shedding hair on your furniture and clothes

shedding hair on your dryer

It’s not only the floor where you’ll find shedding hair. You’ll find it on your chairs, beds, sofas and any other furniture you usually use. You’ll also find it on your clothing, particularly any t-shirts, shirts or hoodies that you’re wearing. This is especially the case if you are using a full cap wig where there’s plenty of lengthy hair.

Like with your room and bathroom floors, a handheld vacuum can be handy for furniture since there is a smaller area to clean. Alternatively, you can use a lint brush or lint roller, many of which are specialized for furniture. You can also use these on your clothing, but other than manually picking out fallen hair from your clothes, you can also consider the reverse washing method as suggested by Into The Gloss.

You may have noticed at times when you put clothing in the washer that is infested with your shedded hair, it doesn’t really get rid of all the hair. Instead, dry your clothing first for around 15 minutes to loosen up the hair on your clothing items. Then, put it in your washer where it will be much more likely to come off before adding it in the dryer again.

One method to reduce your hairpiece from shedding

hair shedding

In our other blog, we’ve detailed the many ways to prevent your hairpiece from shedding.

One practice that we didn’t recommend includes using a silk or satin pillowcase. These pillowcases are better than cotton because they reduce friction when making contact with your hair. The end result is your hair will shed much less when you’re sleeping and turning during the night. This will also make cleaning your pillowcases and bed a whole lot easier whether you’re using a vacuum cleaner, lint roller or brush, or simply using the washer and dryer. After all, if there’s one place your hair will shed other than the floor, it’s the place where you (hopefully) spend at least six hours a day in!


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