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How To Fix Frizzy Human Hair Wigs

How To Fix Frizzy Human Hair Wigs

Posted by Santana Fell on 2023 Oct 25th

Women’s hairpieces are usually made from one of two types of hair strands - human hair or synthetic fibres.

When it comes to wearing hair pieces for thinning hair, there is no comparison to human hair wigs. Made from natural human hair, these wigs provide a seamless texture for a real hair look, which works great for anyone who does not want to reveal that they wear alternative hair. These hair pieces for women are durable and offer styling versatility like no other.

Even though they are made to look gorgeous and unconcealable, they are, after all, processed hair that is not growing from the scalp anymore. Therefore, they lack natural hair moisture and are prone to matting, tangling, or shedding faster if not maintained well.

One significant cause of damage to your hairpiece is frizzing. It is natural for your human hair wigs for women to frizz up and look horrid, dull, and faded, but that does not mean you can not undo the damage. In fact, it is quite easy to revive your old human hair wigs for women, bringing it back to a refreshed condition by following a simple hair care routine.

Let us better understand frizz and how to deal with frizz on your women’s hairpieces.

Why does a human hair wig get frizzy?

frizzy hair

Frizz on hairpieces for women occurs when the hair strands are misaligned due to chemical processing, excess heat styling, etc. Human hair strands are always thirsty. When they lack proper moisture, they start to look tangled, dull, dry and damaged, causing the cuticles to become rough, fuzzy, and unappealing.

How to revive a frizzy human hair wig?

If you want to eliminate the dry frizz from your human hair wig, follow these tips to make your hairpiece look smooth and defined again.



The first step to removing frizz from your hairpiece is to detangle. Use a wide-tooth comb or a wig-specific nylon bristled brush to remove all the knots and tangles on your wig. To make things easier, use a detangler. Shake the detangler well before use, and always remember that less is more when using hair care products on human hairpieces.

Start combing the hair from the bottom upward to reduce pressure on the roots and prevent unnecessary tugging or pulling. Be gentle while brushing your hair unit to avoid hair shedding, which can loosen the hair strands or damage the base.

Wash and Condition


Maintaining a regular cleaning and maintenance schedule is crucial to the upkeep of your hairpiece. It prevents product build-up while cleaning your system to look fresh and renewed.

Superhairpieces offers a great deal on hairpiece-specific shampoo and conditioner sets that will cleanse, moisturize, and treat your hair with gentle care for maximum effectiveness and longevity of the unit.

Read more: how to wash your hair system

Boost Moisture


The hair strands used on human hairpieces do not grow out of our scalp, so they do not get moisturized by our natural hair oils, unlike our real hair. Therefore, they must receive an added dose of moisture to keep them from frizzing. There needs to be more than just conditioning the hairpiece. They require moisture for a longer duration, which is why you can not skip the use of a leave-in conditioner.

Hairpiece-specific leave-in conditioners boost the moisture in the hair strands, keeping them sleek and smooth for an extended period.

Low Heat Styling

Low Heat Styling

When using a women’s hairpiece or men’s hair system, it is best to let your unit air dry as heat can rob the hair strands of moisture, causing it to get frizzy and tangled.

However, we understand that sometimes you want to heat style your hairpiece. In this case, you must use a heat-protectant spray to shield the hair from damage and use heat-styling tools cautiously. Use them on a low heat setting to prevent damage to your system.

Also, avoid sleeping in a wet wig to prevent the hairpiece from frizzing and tangling.

Visit your hairstylist

If you have tried the above measures and still need your hairpiece to look good, we recommend you consult a professional hair stylist who can help give your hairpiece a fresh cut to trim off damaged hair strands while giving you a new look.

Using a hairpiece is an exciting experience. Take proper care of your human hair wig to retain its sleek and smooth look for an extended time.

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