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How to Use Heat Application for Tape-in Hair Extensions

How to Use Heat Application for Tape-in Hair Extensions

Posted by Santana Fell on 2023 Nov 24th

Human hair extensions are undoubtedly the best in the world of hair extensions. They are ideal for that perfect blend with your natural hair, adding those extra inches of sass exactly where needed.

Whether you want longer hair or need a boost in the volume of your natural hair, Superhairpieces has the best human hair extensions for you. Our extensions are crafted from the finest human hair available so that they can be treated and styled just like your own hair, which makes them a great addition to any look.

You can use our many hair extensions, like clip-in hair extensions, I-Tip hair extensions, U-Tip hair extensions, hand-tied hair extensions, etc, to add colour, length, volume, dimension, and movement to your natural hair.

Need some highlights or lowlights? Add some funky coloured tape-in hair extensions and spice up your appearance instantly.

Speaking of tape-in human hair extensions, did you know there is a pro tip to attaching them?

tape-in human hair extensions

Tape-in hair extensions have gained immense popularity due to their easy application and natural look. While applying tape-in extensions may seem straightforward, heat during the application process plays a crucial role in ensuring a seamless and long-lasting outcome.

We generally ask people to avoid using heat on their human hair extensions. However, a fine line exists between using and abusing heat when attaching hair extensions.

Understanding the apt application of heat on tape-in extensions is essential for hairstylists and those seeking to understand the intricacies of this beauty technique.

Tape-in extensions do not require any heat; however, using it correctly will work wonders on the grip and longevity of your hair extensions.

To apply tape-in extensions, stylists first section the natural hair and place two tape wefts between them. They may then use a hair straightener or blow dryer to heat the tape and bond the adhesive. However, applying the proper heat for the ideal time is the trick.

Follow this tip for applying tape-in hair extensions ideally:

applying tape-in extensions

Install the tape in extensions using a flat iron on medium heat and clamp the pieces for only 1-2 seconds. Too much heat can be damaging, so keep the 2-second rule in mind. This will activate the tape's adhesive properties, creating a strong and flexible hold.

Once you've applied heat, press the tape firmly with tweezers or your fingers, starting from the middle and working outwards toward the ends. This will prevent moisture from getting between the tapes, which can, in turn, shorten the hold time or cause bacteria growth, something that you want to avoid at all costs.

Why Heat is Vital for Tape-in Extensions:

A little heat goes a long way when attaching tape-in human hair extensions. It helps in the following ways:

Enhanced Adhesion

The primary purpose of using heat when applying human hair tape-in extensions is to activate the adhesive quickly. When a little heat is applied to the tape, it becomes more pliable, allowing it to adhere securely to natural hair. This enhanced adhesion is essential for ensuring the extensions remain firmly in place, preventing accidental slippage or discomfort causing embarrassing situations.

Seamless Blend

Hairstylists can create a seamless blend between natural hair and extensions by applying a touch of heat to tape-in extensions. The heat helps the extensions bond with the hair, ensuring no visible gaps or uneven sections. This seamless integration is vital for achieving a natural and voluminous look, enhancing the overall appearance of the hair.


Properly applied tape-in extensions can last for several weeks. Heat application during the installation process significantly contributes to the longevity of the extensions. The heat allows the adhesive to form a strong bond with the natural hair, enabling the extensions to withstand regular washing, styling, and everyday wear. This durability is key for individuals seeking a low-maintenance solution for achieving longer and thicker hair.

Flexibility in Styling

Heat-applied tape-in extensions offer greater flexibility when styling. The secure bond created by heat application allows individuals to style their hair as desired, using heated styling tools such as straighteners and curling irons. This versatility in styling options makes tape-in extensions a practical choice for those who wish to experiment with different looks without compromising the integrity of the extensions.

The heat application technique brings you closer to achieving a seamless and durable hair transformation, enhancing your overall aesthetics and confidence. Try out our high-quality human hair extensions today!

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