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Humans of Superhairpieces: From a hair system newcomer to regular user

Humans of Superhairpieces: From a hair system newcomer to regular user

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2022 Aug 10th

Many individuals have the belief that hair systems and wigs fall off easily. But that’s far from the case. Wig Tape and liquid adhesives are specifically designed to provide a strong hold to keep the hair unit securely in place. Whether you’re going for a run, lifting weights, or walking at the park, your hairpiece will stay on if it has been installed correctly.

Meet Nandish Tilavat, an engineer in the telecommunications industry in the Greater Toronto Area. He’s also a husband and a father of two. He values physical health and encourages his family to do the same.

After purchasing a hairpiece, it’s not stopped him from working out and partaking in hikes during the summer with his family!

When did Nandish lose hair?

He first experienced hair loss in college around ten years ago, “I tried different methods [to conceal hair loss], I put some oils and talked to a few hair specialists, I even went to see a doctor, but that didn’t work well,” said Nandish.

As months and years passed by, Nandish noticed that his hair loss was becoming uncontrollable, and he felt devastated. “Every year, I started losing more hair,” he said.

Nandish recently found out about alternative non-surgical hair loss solutions – that’s where he found Superhairpieces. “I was planning to see what the new options are and how I can look better with new hair – that’s where I found Superhairpieces and decided to go with a hair system,” said Nandish.

How does Nandish feel about his new hairpiece?

“I was nervous because I wasn’t sure what to expect,” said Nandish. He stepped out of his comfort zone to undergo a new process without knowing how it would pan out.

“Everybody here [at Superhairpieces] was nice and kind. They explained the process ahead of time.” Nandish also added that getting an explainer on the attachment process gave him plenty of time to prepare mentally, which made him less nervous.

What hair system did he choose?

Nandish wanted a hair unit that would look undetectable, natural, and pristine. He chose the M101, a clear see-through skin poly base with a base thickness of 8 mills. Clear poly skin plays a significant role in the hair system's natural look. When Nandish runs his hands through his hairpiece, his scalp is visible between the hair strands, which is as natural as it gets!

Moreover, there is 10% of grey hair on his hair replacement system to match his natural hair color – whether Nandish is going for a walk or working hard at the gym, no one can suspect that he's wearing a toupee.

M101 men's toupee

Nandish got his first hair system at Superhairpieces in December of last year – a poly system tends to be hard to breathe in and produces a lot of sweat, but it can be more tolerable in the fall and winter. If you’re living an active lifestyle, we recommend lace base hairpieces during warmer seasons as they can provide additional breathability and still maintain a natural look.

But how does Nandish’s hair unit stay intact during workouts?

Our stylist at Superhairpieces applied the Ghost Bond Platinum liquid adhesive. Even though the poly base system can make Nandish sweat during physical activities, he can still wear the hair unit and enjoy his time at the gym thanks to a water-based adhesive formula.

Ghost bond is known for its wide selection of water-based adhesives. The platinum formula is safe for the skin, works well in high humidity environments, and can withstand oily scalps. It contributes to the hairpiece's natural looks as the adhesive layers are undetectable after attaching the hair system.

Ghost bond glue

Nandish has a special message for those that are skeptical about considering hairpieces, “I think you should give it a try, go for it. You will be more confident,” he said.

“The overall experience, I would say was really nice,” said Nandish. “They [stylists] really helped me select the product, and they made the process really easy.”

After receiving his first hair replacement system, Nandish has since become a regular at Superhairpieces!

Wearing a hair unit can be a new concept to many and could be challenging to adapt to and comprehend. However, take Nandish as an example – he was probably in the same shoes as you. After trying hairpieces once, Nandish never turned back as he’s a regular hair system wearer!


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