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Humans of Superhairpieces: From wearing a cap to a full head of hair

Humans of Superhairpieces: From wearing a cap to a full head of hair

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2022 Sep 13th

Meet Tahir. He’s a truck driver who has been living in Canada for 14 years now. He was also wearing a cap most of the time to conceal his hair loss. Eager to get a full head of hair again to look better, Tahir decided to get a hair system. After booking an appointment at the Mississauga location of Superhairpieces, he got his first hairpiece installed and was very satisfied with the results. Read on to learn more about his hair loss story!

When did Tahir start dealing with hair loss?

Tahir first started noticing hair loss in his thirties and according to his doctor, it was due to a deficiency in hormones. At first, he didn’t do anything about it. He mainly wore a cap which is what many balding men tend to do. But after wearing a cap for as long as 10 years, Tahir decided to make a change.

"At 30 years old, I could feel my hair falling,” Tahir said. “The doctor said it was a deficiency of hormones. When I started losing my hair, I started wearing a cap for a long time. I think it was 10 years. … Hair changes your face. Everybody wishes to look in their mirror and look good."

How did Tahir decide to come to Superhairpieces?

Tahir decided a toupee was the best course of action. After all, it takes just around 30 minutes to an hour to install, cut and style to get a full head of hair again. That’s without any potential side effects or surgical procedures being required!

Of course, there are also many hair system suppliers to choose from. However, Tahir decided to go with Superhairpieces after a recommendation from a friend who was happy with the service and quality of the hairpieces.

"I was looking online for a hairpiece,” he explained. “I saw Superhairpieces and called my friend and asked about the office, the products. My friend told me he used different varieties and qualities [of hairpieces] and wasn't satisfied. He used Superhairpieces and said it was better than others. That's why I took the decision to come to Superhairpieces."

What hair system did Tahir get?

After consulting with our hair specialists, Tahir went with the M100 monofilament silk top hair system. This unit is breathable and comfortable to wear thanks to the monofilament silk top material. It’s also durable and easy-to-attach which is in part due to the 1” of clear poly skin material on the edges. Finally, it boasts a small scallop front to help achieve that realistic front hairline!

Watch Tahir get his M100 installed below:

How did he feel after getting his hairpiece installed?

While a new head of hair is instant with a hair system compared to a hair transplant, it can still take some people time to judge how they feel with it on and how it’ll change their life. The same applies for Tahir, especially since this was his first-ever hairpiece installation. However, he still feels it will change his life in the long run.

"I think it should change my life,” he said. “After one week, I will feel better.”

Tahir’s advice for those considering wearing a hair system

Hair systems are still relatively new to the world of hair loss as far as being an accepted solution for those wanting to get a full head of hair again. It’s completely normal to have doubts about it if you’re considering wearing one. However, you’ll never know if it’s right for you until you try it. That’s what Tahir recommends to anyone who is still on the fence.

"I would tell people to make a decision and try it. If you don't try it, you cannot say anything. First you try it, if you feel better with it, then you continue it,” he concluded.

In the end, one of the best aspects of hairpieces is that they are irreversible. If you just want to try it out and don’t like it, you can simply take it off afterwards and move on with your life! Are you in the Greater Toronto Area and interested in starting your hair system journey?


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