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Shear Geniuses: Top Hairstylists in Canada and the US

Shear Geniuses: Top Hairstylists in Canada and the US

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2023 Jun 15th

Hairstyling is an art that only a few have mastered. A good haircut or hairstyle can elevate your appearance instantly, so it is safe to say that hairstylists are wonder workers that wave their magic wands (scissors and hairdressing tools) to bring out the hidden diva in us.

Hair stylists worldwide are constantly upping their game, setting new standards, and delivering top-notch haircuts and styles that have become global sensations. We all have our favorite go-to hair stylists - our scissor wizards who check off our hair goals of chic hairstyles with highlights, lowlights, balayage, ombre hair colors, etc.

We all deserve good hair days that hype our serotonin levels to boost our mood and confidence. Whether it's a trendy haircut, a stunning color transformation, or an elaborate updo for a special occasion, the expertise of a skilled hairstylist can make all the difference. Here are some of the best hairstylists in Canada and the United States who have garnered a reputation for their skill, creativity, and ability to bring out the best in their clients' hair. Their dedication to their craft, excellence, and extraordinary talent is genuinely inspirational.

Sally Hershberger

smoker experiencing hair loss or hair thinning

Sally Hershberger is a renowned hairstylist based in New York and Los Angeles. Known as the "Queen of Cool Cuts,” her signature cuts are edgy, modern, and effortlessly chic. She is famous for her signature "Shag" haircut, which has gone on to become an iconic hairstyle sported by numerous celebrities.

Sally's innovative approach to hairstyling has earned her a spot as one of Hollywood's most sought-after hair stylists. Her client list includes celebrities like Meg Ryan and Jane Fonda.

Jen Atkin

smoker experiencing hair loss or hair thinning

Based in Los Angeles, Jen Atkin is a household name in the hair industry. She has made waves in the hairstyling industry with her innovative techniques and ability to create effortless-looking hairstyles. Known for working with celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Chrissy Teigen, and other A-list celebrities, Jen has a knack for creating natural yet glamorous hairstyles. She has also launched her own line of hair care products - Ouai Haircare, which has gained immense popularity among hairstyling enthusiasts.

Guido Palau

smoker experiencing hair loss or hair thinning

Guido Palau, a British-born hairstylist, has significantly impacted the hairstyling industry, leaving an indelible mark in both the United States and Canada’s hair industry. Known for his avant-garde creations and high-fashion collaborations, Guido's work has graced the runways of major fashion shows worldwide.

His ability to push boundaries and create striking hairstyles has made him a favorite among fashion designers, photographers, and models. Guido's ability to transform hair into a powerful fashion statement is awe-inspiring. His work often graces the pages of high-fashion magazines, solidifying his status as a visionary stylist.

Matthew Collins

smoker experiencing hair loss or hair thinning

Based in Toronto, Matthew Collins is a rising star in the Canadian hair industry. He is recognized for his exceptional skill and artistic vision. With a focus on precision cutting and meticulous attention to detail, Matthew has established himself as one of the top hairstylists in the country.

His ability to create stunning hair transformations that perfectly complement his clients' features has garnered him a loyal following. His unique approach to hairstyling and exceptional color techniques have garnered attention and accolades. Matthew's ability to push boundaries and create bold, artistic looks make him a standout stylist.

Kirsten Klontz

smoker experiencing hair loss or hair thinning

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Kirsten Klontz is a hairstylist renowned for her creative and unconventional approach to hairstyling. She is known for her expertise in creating vivid and vibrant hair color transformations that push boundaries and defy expectations.

Kirsten's ability to bring her clients' wildest hair dreams to life while maintaining the integrity of their hair has earned her a loyal clientele.

Ted Gibson

smoker experiencing hair loss or hair thinning

With over 20 years of experience, Ted Gibson, from the United States, is a true master of his craft. His esteemed clientele includes Hollywood stars and fashion industry elites. Ted's attention to detail and ability to create elegant, red-carpet-worthy hairstyles have made him a trusted name in the industry.

Rossa Jurenas

smoker experiencing hair loss or hair thinning

Rossa Jurenas is a highly accomplished hairstylist hailing from Canada. She has won multiple awards, including the prestigious Contessa Award for Canadian Hairstylist of the Year. Rossa's excellent cutting skills and her out-of-the-box creativity allow her to create striking hairstyles that cater to her client's unique haircut demands.

Anh Co Tran

smoker experiencing hair loss or hair thinning

Anh Co Tran is celebrated for his transformative haircuts and expertise in styling natural textures. Based in Los Angeles, he has a knack for creating effortlessly beautiful looks that have gained him a dedicated following. Anh's ability to enhance each client's individuality through his artistry sets him apart.

Daniel Naumovski

smoker experiencing hair loss or hair thinning

Daniel Naumovski is a visionary hairstylist based in Vancouver. His artistic vision and technical expertise have gained him a loyal clientele. Daniel's ability to blend classic elegance with contemporary trends sets him apart, making him one of Canada's top hairstylists.

Ursula Stephen

smoker experiencing hair loss or hair thinning

Ursula Stephen, a US hairstylist, has worked her magic on the heads of numerous celebrities, including Rihanna. Her bold and innovative hairstyling approach has garnered recognition as one of the industry's most influential stylists. Ursula's ability to create trendsetting looks that defy convention is genuinely remarkable.

Jen Pike

Jen Pike is a hairstylist and educator known for her expertise in hair extensions. Her dedication to providing seamless, natural-looking extensions has made her a go-to stylist for many Canadian celebrities. Jen's meticulous work and commitment to client satisfaction have earned her a well-deserved spot on our list.

If you, too, are in Canada and are looking for a hair replacement stylist or find yourself searching for a ‘toupee stylist near me,’ come to Superhairpieces for an instant hair transformation. We provide high-quality human hairpieces and consult on which system would suit you best according to your hair loss situation. Our expert hair stylists cut and style your hair system to blend with your natural hair for a seamless look, making you look absolutely stunning.

The hair industry in Canada and the US boasts an array of talented professionals who continue to redefine the art of hairstyling. These top 11 hairstylists have mastered their craft and earned their esteemed positions in the industry. Whether you're seeking a classic look or a daring transformation, placing your locks in these stylists' hands guarantees excellence and stunning results.

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