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Superhairpieces Testimonial: Rick’s Review of Lace Systems

Superhairpieces Testimonial: Rick’s Review of Lace Systems

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2022 Sep 29th

Superhairpieces client Rick usually tends to go for thin skin poly systems because they are the most convenient for him. They’re extremely natural-looking, easy to attach, and easy to remove while also being disposable units. The results are there to see from all the videos he’s created for Superhairpieces where he shared his hair loss journey, reviewed hairpieces, provided tutorials as well as general tips to others potentially interested in getting started with a hair system.

But while he prefers units like the HD111 and M101, part of the fun of wearing hair systems is trying out different models and base types. Like the thin skin poly systems, lace systems are also extremely natural-looking due to the thin lace material and come with additional breathability and durability. This also means less frequent maintenance is usually required. And so, Rick decided to try out a lace system and provide his review.

*Note that individual experience with a lace system may vary depending on the user and unit.

Which lace system did Rick get?

Rick chose the M105 French lace hair system in the color #4 with 60% grey. This unit comes in a size of 8''x10'' and uses super soft French lace material that is realistic and comfortable to wear. It also carries 110% hair density in the front with 100% in the rest of the unit.

What did Rick think of the French lace system?

Right from the get-go, Rick was a fan of the M105. While thin skin poly units are natural-looking, they are not breathable, especially compared to lace units. That’s why the fact that his scalp got cleaned while taking a shower with the more breathable French lace system was one of the things that stood out for Rick.

"The hair on it seemed great. It was a little bit curlier than what I am normally used to which was also great,” Rick said. “It was light on my head. I love the fact that I can get in the shower and wash my hair and the water goes through to the unit through the scalp and kind of cleans my scalp up a bit too so it felt fresher all the time.

"I loved the way the hair styled. I loved the fact that it was a little bit thicker and that it would breathe more. It was easy, easy clean up because I taped the back perimeter and I used the Ghost Bond in the front. That worked really, really well.”

What did Rick learn about lace hairpieces?

With all that said, one of the downsides of a lace system is that they are not as easy to install as a thin skin hair system. Even someone as experienced with hairpieces like Rick required multiple attempts to properly attach his lace unit.

"The first time I put it on, I didn't get it right,” Rick explained. “I marked my forehead so I know where to put the glue, but the edge of the unit went past that a little bit so I learned my lesson. The second time, I got it on there good, and got it perfectly matched. But I didn't quite let the bond dry enough. So if you have experience here, you will know what happened. I laid that lace unit down so things go through it, right? I pressed and patted it down and guess what? That bond went through the lace, got up in the hair just about a quarter of an inch.

“So I thought, okay, I learned my lesson. So the third time, I thought this is going to work. Because honestly, I really wanted to like this lace unit, I really did. So I get it on there, I get it marked, everything is going perfect. I get it down and I let the bond dry enough and the lace disappeared across the front and I thought, that's it! I'm combing it back and I say, ‘what is that?’ Well, there's a little fold in it to where I laid the edges down but I hadn't pulled it apart far enough so it would be smooth. I just kind of sat it down and there was a little fold on the side. So, that wasn't perfect.”

Rick’s advice for installing a lace hair system

There’s always a learning curve with hair systems, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes second nature. If you’re looking to install a lace hair system on your own for the first time, here are some tips from Rick.

“So now, when I go to do it again, I will know to get it marked right, let the bond dry before you put the lace down on it and it will work, and make sure you pull it tight enough across the sides just a bit so it will lay smooth across the front. So the next time I do it, I will be mindful of those things.

“So if you're watching this and you're going to do a lace unit, remember that -- let that bond dry. You want it to be sticky and tacky, but not gooey enough where it will press through that lace. And when you put the lace down on it, get a comb or something and tap across it very, very gently, and it will work.”

You can watch Rick’s full video below:


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