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The Best Lash Extensions Styles

The Best Lash Extensions Styles

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2021 Jan 11th

The Best Attractive Eyelash Extensions Styles for your Eye Shape

Is your eyelash game up to 2021’s standards? It’s been a crazy roller coaster ride in the past year and we’re hearing that the lash game has slowed down a bit. But, this is just another great opportunity to perfect and strengthen your skills for 2021.

There have been many new styles in the eyelash industry and we’re sure there will be plenty more to come as technicians elevate their skills and manufacturers keep up with the trends.

Below are a few most popular lash styles that don't seem to go away!

Classic Eyelash

Classic Eyelash

The start of the lash game began with this style. Classic is just a way of saying one lash extension on one natural lash. Now classic lashes can vary in different looks. You can create a subtle dramatic look with a cat-eye or a natural look where you follow the same growth pattern as the client’s natural lashes.

Classic lashes are to provide a very subtle yet noticeable look to the eyes. The longer the lash extensions, the more dramatic classic lashes can look. However, the density of these lashes follows the same density pattern as the natural lash. Therefore, it just looks like you're wearing mascara all day every day!

Volume Lash

Volume Lashes

Volume Lashes are applied the same way as classic lashes except you’re adding at least two extensions onto one natural lash line. Typically, volumes start with 3D fans, which are three extensions to one lash. Volume lashes are very popular with those who have very sparse lashes. This adds volume in between the lashes that needed length to make it more noticeable. If volume lashes are done right, you won't need to put on eyeliner.

Volume lashes require a minimum of at least two extensions per lash. Depending on the weight of the individual extensions, you can have up to ten lashes per lash. But, that’s a whole different style which will be explained next.

Mega Volume Lash

Mega Volume Lashes

Mega volume is done similarly to the volume lashes; to be considered mega volume there has to be at least six lash extensions per one natural lash. This look is super dramatic and looks heavy. For most mega volumes, technicians are using at least ten extensions per natural lash and apply them by using the sandwich technique. This is where 5D lashes are placed at the bottom of one natural lash and another 5D lash is added on top of the same natural lash. This look can cause a lot of natural lashes to fall out earlier due to the heaviness of each lash if not done properly. A good lash health tip for your clients is to use only 0.03 in thickness to create those 5D volume fans. The weight of the lashes and the glue being used can be damaging to the natural lash. Just make sure clients are aware of this and really do an assessment before committing to this look to ensure they have healthy lashes that are able to withstand the weight.

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid Lashes

Hybrid lashes are a combination of volume lashes and classic lashes. The technician, depending on their style or the look they are trying to achieve, will use single lashes in between their volumes or all single lashes underneath their volumes. Either style will create a different look. The most popular Hybrid look is the “Kim-K”, where you have volume lashes and in between, you’ll have longer single lashes that create this short and long wispy look throughout the lash line. It offers a fluffy and airy look, but dramatic enough to make a statement.


Overall, many of these styles or techniques of applying eyelash extensions can be used to create various different looks. Now that you understand just the basics of the most popular styles you can try to work on achieving looks that your clients will love in 2021!

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