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What are the Benefits of Hair Extensions?

What are the Benefits of Hair Extensions?

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2021 Feb 3rd

benefits of hair extensions

Hair extensions are one of the most popular options for women. After all, the global hair extensions market is expected to cross $5 billion by the year 2024. One big factor for this is the growing acceptance of hair extensions throughout society, especially with a number of celebrities, influencers and actors donning them.

So how exactly can you benefit from hair extensions? Here are just some of the benefits they provide and why you should opt for them like everyone else.

Length, volume and thickness for your hair

As the name implies, hair extensions extend the length of your hair and additionally, add volume and thickness to it as well. If you’ve struggled with growing your hair beyond a certain point or have thinning hair in other areas of your scalp, that is no longer a concern with hair extensions. The best part? You don’t need to wait for your hair to grow because hair extensions are instant!

Experiment with different hairstyles

Hair extensions are versatile because not only do they add more length, volume and thickness to your hair — they also allow you to try out different hairstyles and looks. Braids? Curly hair? Buns? Bob cuts? You now can experiment with whatever look you desire now that you have that extra bit of hair to work with.

Add colour

Hair extensions also allow you to spice up your look by adding colours. Ever wanted to see what you’d look like as a brunette? Or maybe you just wanted small amounts of blonde highlights in your hair? With hair extensions, you can now test the waters as much as you want without worrying about whether it will look bad or damage your hair. If you’re not satisfied, all you have to do is remove them!

Conceal split ends

Split ends are a major problem for women and are a sign of damaged and sometimes unhealthy hair. And because they appear at the end of your hair, it can be even more frustrating and time-consuming to get rid of them. While hair extensions won’t prevent them from happening, they are certainly an effective way to hide them whenever you have to go out as they will mask your split ends. In the process, your hair will look healthy and vibrant as ever!

Easy to apply

Hair extensions are convenient because of their ease of use as well as the installation process. Clip-in hair extensions, for example, can only take 10 to 15 minutes at most to apply to your hair. There are other types of extensions such as tape-in which can take 30 minutes or longer, though the time to apply them decreases as you get the hang of it.

Overall, though, hair extensions are easy to apply and save you all the time that you would be spending perfecting your look by styling and blow drying your hair in the morning.

Confidence booster

More than anything, hair extensions can be a great confidence booster. For example, it can be extremely demoralizing to have shorter hair than you’re used to due to reasons such as hair loss. Hair extensions solve this problem as your hair will go back to what it looked like before, and more than likely, even look better than it initially did. Longer hair will also make you look younger and as a result, make you feel more attractive and confident!


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