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Clip-In vs. Tape-In Hair Extensions - Which one should you go for?

Clip-In vs. Tape-In Hair Extensions - Which one should you go for?

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2021 Feb 9th

There are many different types of hair extensions, but two of the most common are clip-in and tape-in. As their names suggest, clip-ins are the ones you clip on to your hair while tape-ins are the ones you tape on to your hair.

However, while they serve the same purpose of adding length, volume and thickness to your hair among other benefits, they are also very different in a number of ways. So with that said, let’s take a look at both and help determine which type of hair extension suits you best.

Ease of applying

When it comes to which type is easier to apply, clip-in hair extensions take this one. After brushing and parting your hair, you clip in the middle parts of the extension onto the parting line or wherever you want to place it on your scalp. Then, all you have to do is clip in the other parts and you’re done. The process can take 10 to 15 minutes at most. The best part is you can adjust the extensions as well as remove them at the end of the day!

Tape-in extensions, on the other hand, take a bit longer. If you are new to them, it is recommended to have a hair stylist or professional at a salon install them first. However, if you want to give it a go, the whole process can take around 30 minutes which includes brushing and parting the hair, carefully placing the tape near your scalp, taking a small amount of your hair and sandwiching it in between another extension and repeating. Unlike clip-ins, you can only install tape-ins once as they are meant to be worn for longer periods of time so it’s imperative to make sure they’re applied properly the first time. This leads to our next point.

Tape-In Hair Extensions

Frequency of use

How often you plan on wearing hair extensions can also influence your decision. Clip-ins are particularly beneficial if you only want extensions for certain occasions or at work because you can easily take them out at the end of the day before you go to bed. They are also good for those who like to switch things up by going short one day and then having a long hairstyle the other.

Tape-ins, meanwhile, are extensions you wear everyday and every minute — even while you’re asleep. And so, if you want longer hair to be a more permanent fixture on your head, tape-ins might be preferable. They’re also beneficial for a variety of hairstyles now that you have that extra bit of hair on you for long periods of time. Just don’t plan for any shorter length hairstyles.

Maintenance and lifespan

Maintenance can be a big factor in which type of hair extension you opt for. Though the methods of washing the extensions are the same, with clip-ins, you don’t have to maintain it as much as you’re not wearing it every single minute which is ideal for those just looking for a quick fix to their hair with little work. They can also last as long as a year if given the proper care.

Tape-ins require more maintenance since you will be wearing them throughout which means extra time carefully brushing, shampooing, conditioning and washing your hair in the shower. You also have to remove the extensions, clean the tape and apply new tape whenever you’re ready to install it again. Because they are worn daily, most tape-in hair extensions can last six to eight weeks. That said, with proper maintenance, it can be applied three to four times in total.

Potential damage

This mainly depends on the wearer and how well they are maintaining and taking care of their extensions. However, because they are clipped on, clip-in extensions tend to cause the least damage to your hair and scalp because all you have to do is unclip them one at a time. However, some clip-ins can be heavy on the scalp and if not removed right, can cause hair loss and even bald spots.

The same can be said for tape-ins, though they are lighter as a whole. They also require non-chemical tape glue remover to remove the tape and if not taken out carefully, can also lead to hair loss and bald spots. Additionally, some residue can remain on your hair depending on what type of remover you are applying on the tape.

Overall, however, if one takes care of both properly and carefully, there should be no significant damage at all.


For many, the cost is what will ultimately impact their decision. Tape-in hair extensions do tend to cost more than clip-ins with the latter usually being recommended for first-timers because of the ease of applying it in addition to being a more affordable choice.

However, the price difference isn’t that significant either where you might have to forego tape-ins if that’s your preference. For example, at Superhairpieces, 100 grams of clip-in human hair extensions will cost you $220 while 50 grams of tape-in human hair extensions will cost you $150. It also depends on what kind, the amount you’re buying and where you buy them from but ultimately, you get what you pay for.


In the end, it all depends on your needs, your lifestyle and how often you would like to have your hair extensions on. Hopefully, this post has shed some light on both types and helps you make an informed decision.

Note: Our 3A hair quality clip-in and tape-in extensions are all single drawn hair extensions which means they are a combination of fixed and varying hair lengths. As a result, the hair is thick at the top and thins towards the end similar to natural hair growth. Clip-ins and tape-ins that are 4A, 5A and 6A quality, meanwhile, are double drawn hair extensions which means the shorter hairs are replaced with longer hair. As a result, the hair is thick throughout and provides plenty of volume.


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