Eyelash extension D-Curl 0.07mm x 12 mm

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Eyelash extension D-Curl 0.07mm x 12 mm


Featuring stunning length and volume, striking elegance, effortless glamour - and whatever else you might imagine for your lashes - this luxury tray of handmade, high-quality faux mink lash extensions is the embodiment of feminine versatility and refinement. These extensions come in a plush, voluminous D-curl to provide plenty of lift, with a length of approximately 12 mm, offering endless potential for your lashes. Create the illusion of a fuller lash line and don’t be afraid to experiment with your look, whether it’s the ultimate babydoll eye or a flirty, feathered finish. 

This lash tray features 12 rows of approximately 2,500 individual faux D-curl eyelash extensions with a diameter of 0.07 mm and a length of 12 mm. The lashes are long-lasting, comfortable, and cruelty-free.

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