Home Care Kit Basic Poly Base Application

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Home Care Kit Basic Poly Base Application


Poly Base Application

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For 2-4 weeks emergency home care

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KP PRO SOLVENT (4.0 oz Spray) is a 2-in-1 Scalp Cleanser and Sanitizer! Use it for hairpiece adhesive removal and scalp cleansing. Alcohol, oil and grease free formula: The non-flammable solvent is very gentle on the skin with a potent cleaning power. Time and Cost Effective: The solvent has excellent lifting power to remove the adhesive from the hair system. Since it is oil free, there is little to clean up after using the product.

Super Red liner is a very low residue tape and is our cleanest tape to remove. It’s popular for use on poly units due to its easy cleanup.

Perfect for poly base, it's not not working for for lace units. The liner is red, but the actual tape is clear.

Tapes are great for people who need something stronger than day-to-day wear but aren’t looking for a very long-term hold. This is a popular type of tape because many people reapply their units in under 2 weeks.

3 yards roll, 3/4“ Width

The formula helps to cleanse the scalp, clear away dead skin cells and promote healthy hair follicle growth.

Replace tape in 1-3 days interval


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