Skin Shield

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Skin Shield


Skin Shield provides a protective barrier against dermal irritation while enhancing the effectiveness of skin-safe liquid or tape adhesives. Skin Shield can also protect the surface of an attachment. Skin Shield is made not only for protecting your skin but also for protecting the lace, silicone, rubber on the Pieces. Skin Shield can be used when bonding or grafting wigs including Lace Front Wigs, Top Pieces, and Skin Wefted Hair.

1.4 Oz. 


on how to use: Simply coat the surface of the attachment material, e.g. lace, silicone, rubber, etc., allow it to dry and apply fusion or adhesive. Easy to use as a skin-shield too: Clean skin with soap & water. Let skin dry completely. Dab Skin Shield generously over the area of the skin where you are going to make the attachment. Let the Skin Shield dry completely; it will dry clear. Add the Tape or Adhesive and complete the attachment.



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