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6 Reasons Why your Eyelash Extensions are Falling Out

6 Reasons Why your Eyelash Extensions are Falling Out

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2021 Feb 19th

You've finally taken the step of getting those eyelash extensions you've wanted for ages. You now look and feel more beautiful while your confidence has skyrocketed. However, you’re recently finding that your lash extensions are falling out whether it’s on the ground, pillow or just in your sink.

There are many potential reasons for this so we at Superhairpieces have created a guide discussing just that as well as ways to further prevent them from falling out in the future.

natural lash shedding

Natural shedding

The first and obvious reason your lash extensions can be falling can be due to natural shedding. According to The Lash Lounge, a person can lose up to 20 percent of their natural lashes every two weeks while they also fall out and regrow in cycles usually between every 60 to 90 days. Given that your extensions are glued to your natural lashes with an adhesive, it’s completely normal for you to see some of them fall out and there’s nothing to worry about.

Additionally, depending on a particular lash growth cycle, an individual can shed up to five lashes a day. But if you’re seeing more than that, there could be other reasons.

seasonal weather effect on your lashes falling out

Seasonal weather changes

The seasonal weather could be a big factor for your lashes falling out. That’s because particularly in the fall and winter, humidity starts to increase. As a result, our bodies increase oil production to keep our skin and hair hydrated which in turn, can cause your lash adhesive to break apart which leads to shedding.

The way to combat this is to regularly clean your lashes at the end of the day. This leads to our next point.

lack of regular eyelash cleaning

Lack of regular cleaning

If you are not cleaning your lashes or your general eye area regularly enough, you increase your chances of lash shedding. This is because dirt and debris builds up on the lash which can not only lead to your extensions falling out along with your lashes, but also stunt your natural lash growth.

Investing in an eyelash extension cleaner could certainly be worth the investment.

not taking care of your eyelash

Not taking enough care

Sometimes, it can be the wearer themselves causing the lash extensions to fall out. Constantly touching, rubbing or picking your eyes or using excess oil-based makeup — particularly during the makeup removal process — are all one-way tickets to seeing your lashes fall out. The steam from too many long and hot showers can also contribute while even the way you sleep on your pillow could affect your lashes as you can’t just dig your face into your pillow anymore. Extensions are extremely beneficial but come with certain sacrifices you will have to make.

lash extensions wet during 48 hour

Extensions wet during 48-hour period following applications

Owing to the previous point, too much steam and exposure to heat can cause your lash extensions to fall out. However, that doesn’t mean you have to completely forego hot showers. That’s only for the 48 hours following the application process. During this period, it is imperative that you don’t make direct contact with any water as that can affect the adhesive that is connecting your lash with the extension. Doing so can lead to your lash extensions falling out even more than the rest of these potential reasons.

poor application of eyelash extensions

Poor application

Lastly, in certain cases, poor application of your extensions can be the root cause of your lashes falling out. Particularly with handmade lash extensions, the application process is extremely delicate so if it wasn’t done professionally enough, the adhesive used was weak or old or your eyes watered too much during, you’re bound to get the results you don’t want. Consider a different professional or if you feel you are up for the task, DIY lash extensions could be something to look into.


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