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Can you Shower with Eyelash Extensions?

Can you Shower with Eyelash Extensions?

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2021 Feb 23rd

If you wear or are looking to wear eyelash extensions, you’ve probably read that you should avoid showers, particularly hot, steamy ones as they can lead to your lashes falling off.

So can you shower at all with eyelash extensions? Or is it only cold showers? And how does one wash their face with extensions on? Superhairpieces will answer all your questions regarding this topic.

Avoid water after eyelash extensions are applied

Avoid water after application

The main thing you should know is to avoid any contact with water 48 hours after your eyelash extensions are applied. Why wait this long? Water (or any other liquid) can affect the adhesive that is connecting your lashes with the extensions. Any contact with water during this period could lead to your lash extensions falling out just a day or two after you get them applied and nobody wants that.

Waterproof eyelash extensions

Eyelash extensions are waterproof

Believe it or not, eyelash extensions are waterproof which means you can wash your face or take showers with them on once the 48-hour period has passed. They won’t look any different after getting wet so you won’t have to worry about that either. But just because you can get them wet, that doesn’t mean you no longer have to worry about them altogether. This leads to our next point about showers.

Avoid hot showers with lash extensions

Avoid hot showers

Despite lash extensions being waterproof, it is still highly-suggested not to take long and hot, steamy showers. That’s because the steam and heat can loosen the bonds in the adhesive and lead to your lashes falling out even after the 48-hour period following the application. Likewise, saunas and steam rooms should be avoided for the same reasons.

cold showers is fine for eyelashes extensions

Are cold showers fine?

Cold showers shouldn’t affect your lashes and neither should warm showers for that matter. Regardless of the temperature, however, just make sure you're not letting strong shower jets directly hit your lashes as that can damage them. If you’re one who rubs your eyes in the showers or in general, that’s a habit that should also stop.

These are some sacrifices you’ll have to make with extensions. However, if you can’t forego the sensation of water streaming down your face with force, why not consider some goggles in the shower?

be careful when washing your face

Washing your face

Keeping the above points in mind, washing your face as you normally would in the shower or sink should be no problem. If you want to apply other products such as cleansers and creams to your face, avoid the areas between the browline and the bottom of your eyes. One effective method is to use a cotton pad to specifically target the other areas on your face.

One thing to note is that if you’re applying and removing makeup, make sure to use non-oil based makeup and makeup remover as the oil can break apart the adhesive if it makes contact. When you’re drying your face off, also avoid making direct contact with the towel on your eyelashes and instead, dab the towel towards the top and bottom of your eyes.

More than anything, make sure to clean your extensions properly using a foaming cleanser at least two to three times a week to make them last longer!


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