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Humans of Superhairpieces: A satisfied tape-in hair extensions customer

Humans of Superhairpieces: A satisfied tape-in hair extensions customer

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2022 Nov 4th

“I've never had hair like this, ever. It is super soft. The quality of the hair does not change. It is so full. I've never had hair like this ever!”

Meet Simone. She’s a Canadian who a few years ago wanted to add more length and volume to her hair. Eventually, she turned to Superhairpieces to purchase the finest 100% human hair extensions. With a store located in Mississauga, Simone placed an order and picked up some extensions and it’s fair to say she’s been a fan ever since. Keep reading for her review of Superhairpieces hair extensions or if you prefer a visual testimonial, you can watch the video below:

When did Simone start purchasing hair extensions?

“I started wearing hair extensions about four years ago,” Simone said. “The first time, the hair quality was not good. It got really frizzy.”

It’s always important to buy your hairpieces and hair extensions from a reputable seller. There are many sellers out there who not only sell poor-quality and unethically sourced hair, but also parade them as being high-quality Remy hair when this is not the case whatsoever.

How did she start purchasing from Superhairpieces?

“So I've tried many different hair [extensions] in the past,” she explained. “My hair stylist actually recommended Superhairpieces.”

Superhairpieces only offers 100% Remy human hair extensions that are natural-looking and come at the highest quality. We also offer a wide range of different hair extensions from clip-ins, tape-ins, i-tip, u-tip, hand-tied weft, and much more…all coming in different colours, sizes, and hair qualities!

Which extensions did Simone purchase?

Simone opted to purchase tape-in hair extensions in 4A quality from Superhairpieces in the colours #613 Lightest Blonde and #60 Light Golden Blonde. Tape-in extensions are one of the most popular types of hair extensions as they are affordable and relatively easy to install and remove once you get the hang of it.

If you’re wondering what 4A quality is, this type of hair, especially for lighter colours like the ones Simone chose, is a mix of Chinese and Indian Remy hair. The hair is also double-draw which means the extensions all come with the same hair length and are thick from top to bottom. Perfect for achieving a thicker and more voluminous look for your hair!

What are the different quality grades of hair extensions?

What does Simone think of the tape-in hair extensions?

Since purchasing from Superhairpieces, Simone has been extremely pleased with her tape-in extensions and the overall quality of the hair.

“The quality does not change. It's even after two applications,” Simone explained. “The quality is phenomenal. It doesn't really break. It's super soft. And I've gotten so many compliments on Superhairpieces. So I've only really used tape and extensions and I've loved it. I've loved every experience with tape-in extensions from Superhairpieces. I've been wearing Superhairpieces [extensions] for about two years, and I don't think I'll ever use any other hair. I'm really happy with it.

“Each time I go to a new hair stylist who's not familiar with Superhairpieces, they always compliment how amazing the quality is. They love it. I've tried the darker shades from dark brown to medium blonde to light blonde, and each time, it really blends into my natural hair. You don't see that separation. [There’s] constant fullness and it just looks so natural!”

Would Simone recommend Superhairpieces for anyone considering hair extensions?

Are you looking to purchase the best human hair extensions? Grab yours today from Superhairpieces so you can get the volume, thickness and fullness you desire.

“A hundred percent, I will only use and recommend Superhairpieces,” Simone concluded. “Truly, I’ve never seen quality like this ever, the quality is unmatched and I will and continue to recommend Superhairpieces to everybody I meet.”


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