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Humans of Superhairpieces: Businessman gets first-ever hair system installed

Humans of Superhairpieces: Businessman gets first-ever hair system installed

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2022 Sep 14th

Meet Gulshan. He’s a businessman who is also a father, likes going outside and playing cricket in his spare time. However, something bothered him in the last year and that was his noticeable hair loss. He was gradually losing hair before, but now, it got to a point where it was extremely noticeable.

Gulshan decided to do something about it and booked an appointment at the Mississauga location of Superhairpieces to get his first-ever hair system installed. Read on to learn more about his hair loss story!

When did Gulshan first start losing his hair?

Gulshan started losing his hair a couple of years ago. However, in most cases, male pattern baldness is not sudden. The hair sheds gradually over time before a huge bald patch or area is eventually exposed in the front and center of the scalp. When it got to the point where it was noticeable, Gulshan took notice and prepared to do something about it.

"I lost my hair around five to seven years ago,” Gulshan said. “It goes slowly, it [my hair] was a little bit less, then more less. I didn't notice it but now in the last year, I noticed it's too less. Now, I should do something to regain it.”

How did Gulshan start his hair system journey?

Most are slow to react to treating their hair loss. After all, the earlier you do something about it, the better chances you have of keeping or regaining your hair. When it’s too late, most men either look to undergo a hair transplant surgery or go with prescription medicine. Gulshan, however, was quick to decide on going the hairpiece route and wasted no time after doing some quick browsing on the internet.

“I decided I should get some hair installed from somewhere so I found [Superhairpieces] and came here,” he explained. “I didn't research a lot. I just decided to get some hair and I'll find something on Google. I found two, three companies and I found Superhairpieces.”

What toupee did Gulshan get?

Gulshan visited Superhairpieces and was ultimately recommended the M116M Swiss lace hair system with a poly skin back. This is an extremely natural-looking hairpiece thanks to the Swiss lace material throughout the unit which is why it looks so realistic on his head. However, Swiss lace is not only delicate, making it less durable, but also harder to attach and remove than a poly skin hair system for example.

That’s where the poly skin back comes into play. It not only gives the Swiss lace a small boost in durability, but also allows for easier attachment and removal with tape or liquid adhesive. Gulshan notably got his toupee attached with both wig tape and wig glue to provide an even more secure hold.

Watch Gulshan get his M116M hairpiece installed below:

How did he feel after getting his first hair system?

Once his hairpiece was installed and styled, Gulshan noticed how he looked much younger than he did prior to the appointment. While he would need more time to fully gauge how he felt, his first impressions of a hair system were clearly good.

"This is the first time I got my hair back so now I will see. But I like it when I see myself in the mirror,” he explained. “So it's a good experience. I look five to 10 years younger than before and it is good for me. I'm more confident now. If you look younger than before, it looks good. It can change your lifestyle. … I can feel my hair now. Before, there was nothing over there! It makes me more happy, confident and young."

How was the first-time experience with Superhairpieces?

Gulshan wasn’t only happy with the results and how he looked, but also the service he received from Superhairpieces from start to finish. And so, he would recommend Superhairpieces to anyone else looking for non-surgical hair replacement.

"I would like to recommend Superhairpieces because your service is great,” he added. “Your response, you helped me to choose the right hair, the right shade. So I definitely recommend people to choose this. I think it's easy — you come here, there's someone who can assist you with choosing the hair. They will match your hair color, they will take the size and let you know what's good for you like what she [the stylist] did for me. It's not complicated, it's easy to choose."


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