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Humans of Superhairpieces: Looking 15 years younger with a toupee

Humans of Superhairpieces: Looking 15 years younger with a toupee

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2022 Aug 24th

Meet Suji. He’s a business owner who has lived in Canada since 2003 and currently resides in Hamilton, Ontario. In his free time, he enjoys taking walks and going on hikes. However, he was also dealing with hair loss for many years and nothing was working for him. It eventually took a big toll on his confidence.

That was until he decided to try out a hair system for the first time. Suji booked an appointment at the Mississauga location of Superhairpieces to get his toupee hairpiece installed and it’s done wonders for him and his confidence. Read on to learn more about his hair loss story!

When did Suji start dealing with hair loss?

Like many, Suji first started experiencing hair loss in late twenties. At first, he noticed the thinning of his hair. But as time went by, it gradually progressed until he decided to do something about it when he turned 40.

Hair transplants were and still remain a very popular option for many dealing with thinning hair. But for Suji, it was not only a painful experience, but one that did not help restore his lost hair at all.

“When did I first start losing hair? Maybe it started around 27 or 28. And I started seeing the thinning of my hair and it just gradually progressed,” Suji said. “It was not significant but when I was around 40 years old, I went for a hair transplant which is very painful and I don't think I want to do it again. But yes, I did a hair transplant which did not make much difference.”

How did Suji decide to wear a hair system?

Suji’s hair loss journey would take a turn for the better when he saw one of his friends get a hair system. Impressed by how natural-looking his friend’s hairpiece was, Suji came across Superhairpieces and eventually booked an online consultation to learn more. It was more than enough to convince him to go ahead.

“So I actually have a friend who got a hair system and he looks great,” Suji explained. “And then I thought, maybe that's what I want to do because I don't want to go for another hair transplant. And the other alternative was this one which looked very real with realistic hair and I wanted to inquire more from Superhairpieces, and they actually told me everything about how it's done, how simple it is. And I decided I wanted to try it. This is the first time that I’m trying it.”

What toupee did Suji get and how did he get it installed?

Suji was recommended the M100 monofilament silk top men’s toupee which is a durable and easy-to-attach hair unit. One of the most popular toupees at Superhairpieces, the M100 also boasts a natural-looking hairline thanks to the scallop front.

“I'm wearing a M100 Superhairpieces system and it just feels great,” Suji said. “Feels very comfortable. Actually, I don't even feel like I have anything on my head. Just feels like my natural hair.”

However, rather than attaching it with glue or tape, he went with clips. Clip-on hair systems are common, but not common at the same time. That’s because they usually require the wearer to have a good amount of hair remaining in order to clip on to and provide a secure hold.

Additionally, most men tend to go for clip-on systems if they prefer not to shave their center area off and/or they prefer daily wear where the system is taken off every night. Suji notably wanted something he could attach and remove quickly.

“I just went for the simplest way where I can take it on and off whenever I needed,” he added. “And I want to try this and then I'll progress to different methods like gluing in or taping. But at this point, I wanted something very simple to see if I like it. And so far I like this.”

Watch Suji get his M100 installed below:

How did he feel after getting his hairpiece installed?

Once his hairpiece was installed and styled, Suji finally saw something in the mirror that he hadn’t in a long time — himself with a full head of hair. It was an overwhelming experience as he looked years younger than he did before he sat down on the salon chair.

“When I looked at myself in the mirror, I looked like I’m 10, 15 years younger, and that really made a big difference because [for] most men, hair is the most important thing for them, and to lose their hair is kind of depressing. So to get that hair back, like in a few minutes, is beautiful. It's wonderful. I loved it!”

How was the first-time experience with Superhairpieces?

Suji was not only pleased with the results, but the entire process with Superhairpieces from the consultation to the installation service.

“It was a very easy process,” he said. “I did not know anything about it. I did not do any homework, and they actually educated me here. The staff is amazing. The hairdresser Teresa is really good. And they all know what they're doing here. Right now, I don't feel like I'm wearing something. It just feels like a part of my body.”

Ultimately, Suji recommends hair systems and Superhairpieces to anyone else dealing with hair loss issues.

“If you are facing the same problem as I did of losing hair and low confidence, please come to Superhairpieces,” Suji concludes. “They are wonderful people, excellent staff, they will help you get the hair that fits you. And you can improve your confidence from that.”


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