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Guide: Must-have Eyelash Extension Tools and Supplies

Guide: Must-have Eyelash Extension Tools and Supplies

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2021 Jun 2nd

Whether you’re applying them to yourself or you’re a lash stylist helping a client, you will need certain tools and supplies when it comes to installing natural eyelash extensions.

This can be daunting — especially if you are a first-time installer of lash extensions — but that is why Superhairpieces has created this guide on the must-have eyelash extension tools and supplies that you will need.


It’s one thing to have your lash extensions purchased. You’ll also need tweezers to install them and most importantly, remove them when you’re ready to take them off. First, you’ll need isolation tweezers to isolate your natural lashes to ensure a clean application on the lash. The same will apply when you are removing the extensions.

Then, you’ll need to apply the lashes using a pick up tweezer. This tool will allow you to pick up individual lashes — if you’re using classic extensions — and dip them into the glue before applying them on the natural lash.

If you’re using volume lashes, you can opt for the volume tweezers instead.


Speaking of glue, you will definitely need some adhesive in order for the lash extensions to stick on your natural eyelashes.

However, you can’t just get any eyelash glue. You need to make sure you get the best quality one to ensure that your lash extensions stay in place for long durations and don’t end up falling within a few days.

Here’s one that we recommend:


Brushes are very important extension supplies as well because they’ll not only help keep your lashes in place and separate from each other after installation, but also break down any dirt in your eye area. It’s also important to brush your lash extensions regularly so as to maintain them and prevent any irritation or chances of infection.

Additionally, brushes are used for applying primer or removers on your lashes so it’s best to stock up on them.

Gel Patches

Gel patches are a very useful and versatile tool to have in your arsenal. The main use for them is to be placed on the bottom lashes to isolate them when installing extensions to the top lashes.

Additionally, it also helps prevent the tweezers from making contact to sensitive areas on the eye while certain gel patches can also help reduce dark circles, eye puffiness and moisturize the skin in the process.

Eyelash Primer

Primers are essential as they clean debris and oil from your natural lashes which allows for a faster installation.

They also balance the pH levels of natural lashes which results in a better bond between the lashes and the extensions and longer retention.

Primer should be applied with a brush.

Eyelash Gel Remover

Lash extensions may seem like a hassle to remove given how long the application process can take, but with an eyelash gel remover, the process is a whole lot easier. Gel remover will help dissolve the adhesive on the lashes quickly, allowing you to quickly remove the lash extensions with a tweezer or even your fingers.

Warning: This particular product may cause burning or irritation and should only be used by lash experts. Do not use this for self-application with individual, cluster or strip lashes.

Lash Tile

Lash tiles are a simple but handy supply that lets you store and keep track of your lash extensions as you are installing them. Alternatively, you can place all your lash extensions on them when you are removing them as well.


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