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Humans of Superhairpieces: Looking years younger with a hairpiece

Humans of Superhairpieces: Looking years younger with a hairpiece

Posted by Superhairpieces on 2022 Nov 17th

Meet Harsh. He’s an engineer who currently works at Shoppers Drug Mart. During the latter part of his teenage years, he started to notice hair loss which only exacerbated as the years went by. He tried everything before eventually going fully bald. However, he’s been wearing hairpieces for the last three months and the impact has been massive for him to say the least.

He is now regularly booking appointments at the Mississauga location of Superhairpieces to get his non-surgical hair replacement systems installed and maintained. Read on to learn more about his hair loss story!

How did Harsh’s hair loss begin?

Although male pattern baldness usually starts to affect males in their mid-to-late twenties, it’s also very possible for it to start during your teenage years. That’s what happened to Harsh as it was when he first started noticing hair loss. And as the years went by, it became more and more progressive.

“I started losing my hair about six, seven years ago,” Harsh explained. “It was like 19, 20 [years of age]. That's when it started, really. I started noticing that more hair was falling out of my comb and there's just a little more patchiness in my hair.

“And that's been progressing for less, like five, six, years. And the last two years, it started being more noticeable. I had more patches on my hair, so then I shaved it fully and I was fully bald for a year, year and a half.”

What hair loss solutions did he try before turning to hair systems?

There are a number of hair loss solutions out there which claim to bring your hair back. As far as Harsh is concerned, he’s tried them all with none really helping him to the level that he was looking for.

“[I tried] all of them, I tried everything,” he said. “Hair oils, I tried different shampoos, I tried different combs. I tried everything that I could find online. I tried everything and it didn't really help at all.”

What hair replacement system did Harsh get?

Eventually, Harsh decided to turn to hair systems and ended up visiting Superhairpieces. He first went with the M115, but later switched to the M204 French lace hairpiece.

This is an extremely natural-looking hair system that comes with poly painting to allow for easy attachment, removal, and additional durability. The poly painting also has a zig-zag shape in the front which makes the poly less visible and the system more undetectable as a whole.

Watch Harsh get his M204 hairpiece installed below:

How has his life changed since wearing a toupee hairpiece?

Once the hairpiece was installed and styled, Harsh immediately started noticing results. Not only did he have a full head of hair, but he was now being approached by strangers as a young man closer to his actual age rather than someone years older.

“I like the fact that I feel like I look a little bit younger than before without any hair,” Harsh explained. “It adds quite a bit to the age. So everyone was thinking I was in my forties and I don't know, I'm not ready for that yet.

“People now assume I'm younger because of a head of hair, and so, they'll approach me as a younger individual rather than approaching me as an older individual before it would all be, ‘oh, sir, oh sir, oh sir.’ Now it's like, ‘hey buddy, hey guy.’ Right? So you notice the difference in almost respect and almost just the way people perceive you, right? People just think of me now as like a guy in my twenties whereas before, they were thinking, ‘oh, he's like some dad, some older guy.’”

It’s also affected his confidence in a good way as he can now be more selective not only with his hairstyle, but his choice of clothing too.

“So I found that my choice of the way I dress has changed because before everything, I'd be pairing it with a hat, baseball hat, right? Any kind of hat. Always wearing hats no matter what. Now, I don't need to wear hats as much. It's nice, right? So, the accessory choice is now different. Right now, I can just style my hair instead of always having to have a hat in every situation, sometimes even formal situations. I'll be wearing a suit and then I'm trying to wear some kind of a hat to cover the head.”

One of the additional benefits of hair replacement systems is that they are reversible unlike hair transplants. So if Harsh ever decides he wants to stop, he can do just that and go back to being bald.

“The good thing about this is the shaving option is never gone,” he added. “If I want hair, I can have hair. If I don't want to have hair, I can just shave it.”

Harsh’s advice for anyone considering a hairpiece to get a full head of hair again…

Are you interested in getting a full head of hair again, but have some reservations about the whole process? Take it from someone who was in your shoes:

“If you can afford it and you want to do it, it's a good option, right? I think, you know, it's not for everybody. A lot of the time, the shave option is super cheap. You just do it, get it done. This is a little more expensive and a little more maintenance, but if you like the idea of having hair, this is good.

“Most of the people that I work with, most of the people that I'm in interaction with, they just thought it was natural. They just thought I got a haircut. They weren't really paying attention, obviously, but they liked it. So I like it.”

Would Harsh recommend Superhairpieces?

So would Harsh recommend Superhairpieces to anyone interested in non-surgical hair replacement? He definitely would, especially if they’re in the area!

“I'm happy. It makes me happy. So, yeah, if you're interested, I think it's a good option. Superhairpieces gave me a full head of hair, so I can't be anything but grateful. I appreciate what Superhairpieces has done and it's a good service. I think that people should know about it and if they want to use it, it's available to them locally. So it's good.”

Are you in the Greater Toronto Area and want to get started with a men’s toupee like Harsh? Head over to our Mississauga location for a consultation or get your purchased system installed, cut and styled by our experienced stylists!


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