Custom Made Hollywood Full Lace Wig

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Custom Made Hollywood Full Lace Wig


The Hollywood Wig is a full lace base which offers a very durable, breathable and natural look. The full lace base allows you to part the wig anywhere on the scalp, giving you the option to create many different hairstyles. 



Base Swiss Lace
Typical Size 

Circumference: 22"

Ear to ear across forehead: 13"

Ear to ear over the top: 12"

Front to back: 14"

Nape of neck: 4"

Typical Density 80% to 120%
Recommend attachment Tape (3M clear tape, red liner, blue liner,Super tape or Walker no shine) . 3M for daily wear, other tapes last more days.
Durability Medium
Delivery Time: 12-14 weeks

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